Charleen Gonzalez, Dr. Mario Gonzalez' ex-wife, where is she now?

Charleen Gonzalez, Dr. Mario Gonzalez' ex-wife, where is she now? ...

The documentary 'Murder Calls: Under Seige' from Investigation Discovery follows the tragic killing of Dr. Mario Gonzalez in Bellville, Texas, in August 2009. The police soon discovered that the assailants were actually employees from a corporation. What was remarkable however was how his wife, Charleen Gonzalez, fought for her life and called the cops by hiding in the bathroom and locking herself from the inside. The presence of the pregnant mother deserves recognition.

Charleen Gonzalez, who is she?

Charleen Chuke Gonzalez was married to Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez Zamora on November 15, 2008, at the family ranch in Bellville, Texas, and she gave birth to their first child, Mario Raphael Gonzalez, and was pregnant again with another child on February 17, 2010, on the doctor's birthday. However, a tragic robbery planned by their ranch help, Noel Galvan-Cerna, would result in the doctor becoming killed and never seeing his second child again.

Charleen called 911 on the evening of August 22, 2009, acknowledging that her husband was shot in the arm. She later added, "My son is out! " They found Jorge dead, an injured Noel who had been shot in the arm, and a crying Raphael on the porch.

Charleen cried from the bathroom when the cops arrived. He told me that Mario did not make it. And my knees kind of gave out and he picked me up." Charleen told the cops how the couple had reached their ranch at 11:45 am after leaving their Houston residence.

Charleen was busy unpacking the trunk while Noel played with Raphael outside. He pointed to me, saying, "I turned to the right and I see this guy, he's wearing a mask," she said. "I screamed and my body led me to the house." She later recounted, "After some gunfire, everything went quiet. And all of a sudden, there were two masked guys looking in at me."

Charleen said, "That's when I realized I'd probably die that day... Then right at that same time, someone tried to enter the bathroom door." She failed to close the door and said, "He opened the door and he put a pistol in my face." I believe he just ran out of bullets. And he just left."

Charleen Gonzalez: Where is she today?

Charleen described how Noel came to work for the family. He explained that he was the son of their nanny, Esperanza, and drove her to work every day. Jorge offered the youngster a job at the ranch in 2008. She said, “She appeared very nice and sweet. She was doing a great job.”

Charleen said, "Noel was a lovely kid who we treated him like family." She was on all trial days as she witnessed two of the perpetrators receive life sentences without parole. Her second child, Giovanni, was born in February 2010. She has since married and is now known as Charleen Gonzalez Burleson.

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