Recap & Review of the Little Women K-Drama Episode 5

Recap & Review of the Little Women K-Drama Episode 5 ...

Episode 5

In-joo tells Do-il why she went to Singapore with Hwa-young after her mother passed away. She is still not able to explain why Hwa-young would leave so much wealth for her, and she asks to go to the country. Do-il informs her she cannot do it now because there are people on the lookout to catch her.

In-kyung and Jong-ho notice Do-il as he drops In-joo off at the Orchid Festival in Singapore.

In-kyung suspects In-joo is dating Do-il and attempts to embarrass her in front of him, saying she will take San-a as his employee. She is surprised when In-joo announces her involvement with San-a.

In-joo recalls her Singapore stay with Hwa-young the following day and begins working with San-a, growing her trust as a trustworthy person. San-a packs her bags for a trip and invites In-joo to join her in the car. She tells In-joo that she will be leaving for an event in Singapore and that the matter should be hidden from Park Jae-sang and Hyo-rin.

San-a warns In-joo of Hyo-rin's panic attacks and drops In-joo at the nearby sidewalk in her absence. In-joo and In-hye are watching a documentary from when In-hye was admitted to the hospital. Hyo-rin is laughing and in disbelief.

Park Jae-sang enters the scene and throws a tantrum informing Hyo-rin of the Singapore trip. In rage, he smashes the television with a golf stick, causing Hyo-rin to panic. He invites In-joo to chat and asks about San-a's trip.

San-a comes to the room and Jae-sang orders him to bring San-a back from Singapore as soon as possible. Hyo-rin is calmer after taking the medicines and is grateful for the two sisters staying with her. In-joo chats up with Do-il and he informs her that they were under CCTV surveillance. He calms In-joo, reassures her that everything will go according to their plan.

Do-il promises in-joo that she will be able to live a new life with a new identity and that he would protect In-joo with all his might. She calms down and assures Do-il that she will continue to trust him. In-joo goes back inside the house and talks with In-hye about her future plans for the three sisters, but In-hye refuses to hear anything.

In-joo sleeps in Hyo-rin's bedroom when In-hye takes her to the room with the orchid tree. Hyo-rin discusses her panic attacks and Hyo-rin suggests that Hyo-rin should instead utilize her inner demons to paint out her horrific past.

In-kyung has to work with Hye-suk at her real estate company as part of their agreement for assisting In-hye's medical bills, which has shocked In-kyung. Hye-suk introduces the reporter and her grand-niece as the director of the firm, shocking In-kyung.

In-kyung is working on the balance sheets of her great aunt's Pilseok Real Estate agency for the past three years. Hye-suk claims she has everything under her control. In-kyung promises to assist her business in the future.

San-a is irritated when she is re-introduced to the hospital. Jae-sang is chastised when San-a is reprimanded for her serving. The couple finishes the night in a huge feud, sending Hyo-rin into yet another panic attack. San-a leaves the house and the young girl is concerned about her mother's absence.

San-a is in the hospital with her father, General Won, who is comatose, and she watches Hyo-rin's statement on the news with a stoic expression. The next morning, Jae-sang and San-a continue to make appearances at a public event although she is still hungover from the night before.

In-joo notices that San-a had stained her white shirt and offers her own shirt in exchange for amusing San-a. Jong-ho and In-kyung visit the address given to them by the author of the novel, the blue orchid, and mentions that General Won had established the school years ago.

San-a gives In-joo a makeover, telling her that she will have to dress tastefully to work as her assistant. Jae-sang is discussed in the Wonryeong School museum, where she displays exhibits honoring General Won's sacrifice to Vietnam's war. In-kyung is surprised to see Ma-ri as a student.

San-a leaves the shop with In-joo and notices that she has been tailed. She rushes back into the store as In-joo follows her and leaves in a taxi from the rear exit. San-a replies that Jae-sang is treating her like a kid because she is having fun. She visits Hwa-young's house and asks In-joo to intervene.

San-a's dress rises to her knees and In-joo notices cuts on her thigh. San-a asks In-joo if she still hates her and is surprised to hear In-joo's understanding explanation.

San-a recalls Hwa-young's heated confrontation, and In-joo mocks her for trusting San-a's claims.

In-kyung warns In-joo that his girlfriend died in a car accident back home. Do-il was rescued from the accident, but the body of the woman he was with was nowhere to be discovered. In-kyung alleges that Do-il faked the car accident to kill his girlfriend. She also claims that his mother was charged with assault.

In-joo isn't having it and tries to argue with her sister over it. Do-il only means money to her and that she will use him to get the money from the ledgers. She notices a flower at Jong-ho's house as well as at Hyun-min's accident spot.

In-kyung goes to work to tell her boss about the flower the next day, and she meets her great aunt, who is in a state of shock. In-kyung meets her boss who unexpectedly gets a call from the news network's personnel committee. He informs In-kyung that she has been fired from her job as a reporter.

In-hye calls In-joo asking her to bring Hyo-rin's phone to their academy. As In-joo is looking for the phone, she notices Hyorin's bizarre painting and is shocked. Hyo-rin's painting is an exact replica of the scene where In-joo discovered Hwa-young's body in the wardrobe.

In-kyung is surprised when she is dismissed from her job and rushes to her great aunt assuming she was the one who made the decision. Hye-suk denies any involvement in her being sacked and the girl starts crying. Hye-suk rushes to Park Jae-sang's press conference and uses Hye-suk's information to ask him about his father's rich investments despite being General Won's driver.

In-hye tells In-joo that Hyo-rin was nowhere to be found that night and they go through the CCTV footage to find Hyo-rin had passed out from watching the dash cam footage from the car. In-joo is shocked to see Park Jae-sang enter Hwa-young's apartment complex the night of her suicide.

From Hyo-rin's panic attacks to San-a's nagging remarks and the conclusion, the episode delivered one surprise after another. I wonder why Jae-sang resisted.

San-a was perhaps in the car instructing him to murder Hwa-young? That's why I'm hesitant to send him with In-joo. There's a possibility that he was dating Hwa-young back in University and they staged her death for her to find a new identity.

Hye-suk appears to be quite out of character, and I am concerned that something major will happen at In-kyung's workplace. Now she has publicly shaming Hye-suk, putting him in danger. Park Jae-sang, who is already in serious condition, should not vent his anger at Hye-suk.

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