Season 1 of Reboot Season 3 Episode 3 Recap Growing Pains

Season 1 of Reboot Season 3 Episode 3 Recap Growing Pains ...

This Hulu series Reboot season 1, episode 3, 'Growing Pains,' recap contains spoilers.

In the previous installment, Clay and Zack's mother Susan had a rather wild flirtation. "Growing Pains" quickly addresses the implications of this hookup, with Zack confronting Clay on set the next day. He requests to talk with Clay about this blossoming relationship, and the comedian swiftly flees from his concerns.

Season 1, episode 3 of Reboot: A recap

Clay accepts his misdeeds and offers Zack the opportunity to punch him in the face. He wants his mom to be happy and he is concerned Clay is just using her. Zack warns Clay, stating that those who have used her in the past will soon feel his mother's wrath.

Gordon jokes old-fashioned, unhelpful language to Hannah, who decides to bring in some new blood in response to this stale atmosphere. They try to explain to Gordon what the Bechdel test is and talk about NFTs. Although Gordon believes these new comedians are unlucky, Hannah admits that comedy has evolved enormously since the episode last aired.

Gordon summons three ancient comic books of his own to level out the writer's room. These two hugely different teams debate one another. After a great deal of stress, Hannah decides to quit once more. She trips over a bin and the whole room erupts in laughter.

Reed and Bree have a sex scene together, and Reed fears that it might rekindle old feelings. Bree finds the entire conversation to be extremely rude and eventually heals herself. During the scene, Reed gets an unfortunate erection that stabs Bree's side. Clay quickly reveals the embarrassing truth to the whole team.

Reed's horrifying erection has sparked a whole HR firestorm and he is given protective clothing to prevent another incident from happening again. Bree finds this hilarious and continues to mock Reed's awkward situation. Next she begins to cry and runs off. This intimate sequence has brought back fond memories for Bree, who longs to be loved once more.

The conclusion

Clay is having his own personal issues, and every time he attempts to end things with Zack's mother, she seduces him further. He hires an actor to play a HR representative and informs the mother that they will not be able to continue their relationship due to the company's policies. Susan sees straight through this fake setup and admits that she only wanted a fling. They decide to end the relationship there and then.

Timberly invites Bree to go drinking in order to reclaim her co-star's fading love life. Reed calls up Bree to see how she is doing. He claims that the sex scene sparked old feelings for him. She admits that she is in a good place right now.

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