Where are Noel, Cristobal, and Moises Galvan-Cerna now? Dr. Mario Gonzalez Murder: Where are Noel, Cristobal, and Moises Galvan-Cerna?

Where are Noel, Cristobal, and Moises Galvan-Cerna now? Dr. Mario Gonzalez Murder: Where are Noel, C ...

'Murder Calls: Under Seige' by Investigation Discovery recreates the day of August 2009 when the brave Dr. Mario Gonzalez fell while trying to rob his house in Bellville, Texas. Three assailants shot him down, and the investigators soon discovered that it was an inside job.

What Caused Dr. Mario Gonzalez's Death?

Jorge Mario Gonzalez Zamora, MD, was born on February 17, 1953, in Guatemala City, Guatemala, to the late Jorge Mario González Salvatierra and Madga Judith Zamora de González. After graduating with his MD in 1977 from the University of Guatemala City, he attended the Baylor College of Medicine where he completed his fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care. He was alumnus at both the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Baylor

On November 15, 2008, Jorge married Charleen Chuke at the family ranch in Bellville, Texas. He loved his tractor and ranching equipment, strolling with his kid, and returning home to his wife's homemade chicken soup. The couple also had another child due to the storm.

Charleen was crying over the phone and said, "My husband's shooting at them!" Five police officers arrived at the remote ranch at around 12:30 pm to discover a young Hispanic man, Noel Galvan-Cerna, who later became the couple's ranch hand. He had been shot in the arm with the bullet lodged in his chest.

The cops discovered Jorge's dead body on the ground and Charleen's broken bathroom. Jorge, they concluded, had been in a gunfight with the attackers before being shot in the back with a.9 mm rifle.

Who Killed Dr. Mario Gonzalez's Death?

Chris Rosales, a senior police officer, was dispatched to the crime scene after responding to Charleen's 911 call. While he was near the doctor's ranch, he discovered a speeding Ford F150 white pickup truck coming towards the scene. Despite its appearance, Chris determined it was involved in the shooting, but both vehicles failed to escape. The driver of the truck shot him with a chrome pistol.

Charleen recounted how she saw assailants wearing black ski masks as she unpacked their truck after arriving at the ranch from their Houston home. Jorge decided to shoot the assailants with his.357 pistol as Charleen locked herself in the bathroom.

The investigators examined the crime scene and discovered discarded black ski masks, a hoodie, and gloves at the edge of the Gonzalez's property. The investigation seemed to have reached a dead end, but an eagle-eyed Texas Ranger noticed a white pickup truck while approaching the crime scene an hour later.

The number on the license plate was found in the name of Esperanza's boyfriend, Sergio Bustillo. He lived in the same house as Esperanza, Noel, his two younger sisters, Moises, and his older brother Cristóbal, until they were interrogated on August 27, 2009. The duo was apprehended.

The brothers admitted that they planned to kidnap Jorge's family as robbers, but denied that Noel was involved. During interrogation, the police discovered that their cousin, Misael Santollo, was also involved. He also owned a red Honda. On September 1, 2009, he was apprehended.

Misael admitted that the whole scheme was devised by Noel. Police also discovered incriminating surveillance footage from a local McDonald's showed that Noel indeed was with his brothers and cousins before the shooting. The robbery was called off when the police realized Charleen had called 911.

Where are Noel, Cristobal, and Moises Galvan-Cerna today?

Moises and Misael agreed to plead guilty to capital murder charges, which were not proven by police. They did not have enough evidence to determine the triggerman. Moises and Misael both received 50 years and 38 years in prison, according to Texas Department of Criminal Justice records. Misael is serving his sentence in Brazoria County, Texas, and will be eligible for parole in 2028.

Noel and Cristóbal were charged with capital murder because they believed them to be the most culpable individuals – Noel was the mastermind, and Cristóbal was the alleged perpetrator. Cristóbal was tried and convicted in February 2012 and is currently serving his sentence in a correctional facility in Texas.

Noel refused a plea offer and went to trial in November 2012. He was also convicted on the charge of capital murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. According to court filings, he is currently imprisoned in a prison cell in Karnes County, Texas.

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