After biting a man's nose off, Beyond Meat's CEO was imprisoned at Razorback Stadium

After biting a man's nose off, Beyond Meat's CEO was imprisoned at Razorback Stadium ...

After biting a man's nose off, Beyond Meat's CEO was detained at Razorback Stadium.

After an incident involving the bite of a man's nose in a Fayetteville parking garage on Saturday night, food company CEO Doug Ramsey was charged on two counts.

Doug Ramsey, 53, of Fayetteville, was arrested on September 17 and charged with third-degree assault and making terrorist threats.

The event occurred near the Razorback Stadium after Arkansas beat Missouri State, according to what we know so far.

"A disturbance that had previously occurred in the Stadium Drive Parking Garage (SDPG)" prompted the dispatch of a police officer to Gate 15. Both witnesses had been cut by something and were bleeding from the face.

Ramsey was attempting to leave the facility in the traffic lane when a Subaru "inched his way" in front of his Bronco, collapsing with the front passenger's side tyre, according to the police report. As he exits his vehicle, Ramsey is "punched through the back windshield of the Subaru."

Ramsey was said to have "pulled him in close and started pounding his body," according to one account. He was said to have "bitted the owner's nose, shredding the flesh on the tip of the nose."

Ramsey was overheard saying that he would "threaten to murder" the Subaru's owner, according to the victim and the witness. Both sets of passengers jumped out of their vehicles and helped to physically separate the combatants.

Ramsey was apprehended at 10:27 p.m. and transported to the Washington County jail.

When Beyond Meat needed a new chief operating officer in December 2021, the company turned to Ramsey. According to Tyson Foods' website, Ramsey is the president of McDonald's internationally as of 2019.

Doug has been a member of Tyson Foods' poultry division since 1992. He also serves on the company's Executive Safety Council, and was a tireless advocate for team member safety.

Ramsey left Tyson of his own choice last year, according to the company's representative, although this was unrelated to the current situation.

The court date for the man in the Fayetteville District Court has been set for October 19.

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