The TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 is much more than just a WiFi access point

The TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 is much more than just a WiFi access point ...

Offices are one of those places where wi-fi has become necessary for everyday life. A business where partners and companies must have the device adapted to their needs. A land where TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 has a lot to contribute.

The TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 Wireless Dual Band Multi-Gigabit Access Point Ceiling Mount is a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) that is designed, as its name implies, to be mounted on the ceiling of an office and, together with other similar devices, provide high-speed Wi-Fi coverage.

The first thing we show you is the video analysis we performed to discover its main characteristics:

The possibilities are endless, allowing this access point to work with WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 networks, and it may be remotely managed via a web control panel with the free Omada software, through the cloud, or via a physical device: Omada SDN OC200 or OC300 controller.

It has a 2.5G Ethernet port (with IEEE802.3at PoE capability) that allows for fast connection with high-speed switches and offers WiFi connectivity of up to 1,148 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band with four antennas, and 2,402 Mbps in the 5GHz band with four other antennas. It also has four times more space for the OFDM symbol table.

The TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 access point has a unique feature*, which allows for its integration in situations where it is compatible with equipment from other manufacturers.

This device is designed to be installed in locations with a high level of client equipment such as offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, meeting rooms, and everywhere in between. Two aspects are critical, the first being the ability, already seen, to provide high-speed access to a large number of simultaneous users. The second, particularly critical in situations with a large number of deployed devices, are remote and centralized administration facilities.

The omada sdnTP-Link's specific network management solution that includes three essential functions: a simple maintenance, high security, and high availability. Installation and maintenance are made easier by features such as the possibility to register the devices in Omada Cloud so that they can configure the device automatically; the multi-user management of access permissions; and a Wi-Fi heat map simulator that detects areas with poor signal coverage.

In our opinion, the management of this access point is one of the most impressive aspects, since it not only offers many possibilities, but also adapts to situations with increasing demand. For instance, you might wish to include a central management system in this scenario, because Omada SDN's capabilities allow it to fit in almost any situation.

We moved from having an administration web panel for each Access Point to being able to manage everything either from a PC on which the Omada Software Controller application is installed or from a dedicated Omada SDN OC200 or OC300 controller.

The web Omada SDN Cloud provides excellent access for specific users and profiles, while saving you travel if necessary.

Omada SDN, a management system, allows you to generate highly visual network reports to distribute to your organization's stakeholders. These reports cover all of the network's main metrics, as well as traffic distribution and the network's topology in one document.

In these more demanding situations, the ability to create user profiles with different roles significantly simplifies the management of a network. Different access privileges may be assigned to different users, as well as adding users with the ability to manage resources as needed.

Security and reliability are important to us.

The fact that Omada Cloud management is possible does not imply that user data is not protected. Only information that flows between and between the TP-Link servers is that related to the administration of the services. Thanks to the built-in firewall, as well as IP/MAC Address/URL filtering, access control, WPA3 encryption, the ability to create a captive portal, or the ability to add two-factor authentication (2FA), infrastructure security with the TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 access points

The reliability of the WiFi service that provides a configured network based on TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 access points is impressive. Cloud access has 99.99% availability, supported by a 24/7 fault detection and solution system or the existence of backup servers located in different regions (only applicable for TP-Link cloud controller) all of them functions and capabilities designed to provide the highest possible security and availability for users who trust TP-Link when setting up their WiFi network.

The TP-Link EAP660HD AX3600 access point is not only stunning for its technical features, but also fascinating for being integrated into a family of network equipment with which it is integrated, and because it allows you to start with a simple infrastructure that is versatile, and much, to meet the demands of the most demanding professional environments.

If the device is managed by the Omada controller in the Cloud, these features are available.

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