Outside a Boston concert, Lil Nas X sends pizza to homophobic protestors

Outside a Boston concert, Lil Nas X sends pizza to homophobic protestors ...

Lil Nas X has never failed to entice people to his music or appearance. Unsurprisingly, there are people who have protested and condemned his homosexuality. Nas has now made headlines for serving pizzas to such people outside of his concerts.

During Lil Nas X's tour stop, attendees lined up outside the MGM Music Hall for the weekend. A group of religious demonstrators gathered and placed large posters pleading with his followers to "repent and believe." He quickly responded, tweeting, "This is a really good promotion!"

Lil Nas X responds to a homophobic commenter in the video. Sadly, the pizza was not accepted, but the rapper still had a funny thing to say.

Lil Nas X updated his followers with a video of his team handing pizza to the protestors. One of the protestors raised a microphone and said, "We thank you, and we appreciate, but no, thank you." In the final scene of Sufjan Stevens' "Mystery of Love," another demonstrator read "Christ's forgiveness ministry."

Lil Nas X has been open about his sexual orientation for a long time, even making gay jokes and memes. He was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone about this.

The rapper's "Industry Baby" tour is wrapping up his first series of headline shows. On Tuesday, he'll perform at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. Lil Nas will travel to Europe to finish up the tour's last leg, which will take place on November 17th in Barcelona, Spain.

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