After splitting with Nvidia, EVGA is exiting the GPU market

After splitting with Nvidia, EVGA is exiting the GPU market ...

EVGA, well-known for producing graphics based on Nvidia's GeForce, has announced its exit from the GPU market. According to Tom's Hardware, the decision came in an interview with YouTubers JayZTwoCents and Gamers Nexus.

Han claims that Nvidia had stopped treating EVGA as a true partner over its track record. Apparently, Nvidia had stopped informing EVGA about new product launches, as well as withholding important information.

Nvidia partners like EVGA and EVGA must research and sell only the latest products that are released on their own, while at the same time as the rest. Additionally, Nvidia Founders Edition cards are priced lower than their counterparts from EVGA and other partners, requiring vendors to lower their prices.

EVGA will continue to sell GeForce GPUs, like the RTX 3000 series, until they sell out of stock. The company has no intentions to partner with Nvidia's competitors, such as AMD or Intel. This is a difficult decision that puts the company's future at jeopardy, because although EVGA has sold other computer components and accessories for some time, about 80 percent of its income comes from the sale of GeForce-based GPUs.

Han argued that the decision was easy, and that what was difficult was working with Nvidia.

EVGA has issued a statement informing consumers of their decision, in which they will not continue to develop the next generation graphics cards, although they will continue to offer the current generation models. They have also stated that they are committed to their customers and will continue to provide the relevant support.

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