C2C commerce is a viable path to the next storm

C2C commerce is a viable path to the next storm ...

Is it true that Direct Sales to the Consumer (DTC) is still alive and well? Everything indicates that we are on the right path. What is clear is that these types of sales are rapidly declining, and, in this sense, we are closer to a real change.

DTC or direct-to-consumer businesses It is no longer enough for them to pay for social networking advertising to expand. For example, Apple's recent decision to allow users to opt out of app tracking services has made customer acquisition more difficult and more costly.

In response to these new pressures, efforts are being made to rebalance the economy by increasing inflation and increased supply chains on shops. The majority of Spaniards have already reduced their impulse purchases or are looking for alternatives to their usual purchases, so people are more willing than ever to experiment with new products.

This means that brands now have to work twice as hard to attract and enthuse their audience and keep them engaged. In other words, the DTC model is ready to be replaced or at least reimagined.

The DTC model will evolve into what we at Shopify refer to as Connect to Consumer (C2C). If online stores and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon defined commerce in the 2000s and DTC brands defined the 2010s, C2C will define the future. It is the multiplicity of avenues to reach consumers, not just one route.

Brands who are intentional about expressing their unique narratives do so through multiple channels – online, offline, social media, and web3 – to earn trust from communities.and buyers.

The C2C model places the authenticity, loyalty, and trust at the center of every interaction between merchant and consumer. We are talking about real and existing solutions, not science fiction. Because the trade is not limited to the transaction; it's about constant connection. Even the most successful DTC models cannot afford to be complacent if they want to retain their customers.

We must build stronger relationships across all of these avenues in the near future. Retailers will become channel agnostic and ultimately transition to a C2C model through all available strategies to weather the coming storm in the coming months.

Gonzalo Torres, Spain's Country Manager at Shopify

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