Before the Diablo 4s endgame is released, Blizzard is asking people to play the Diablo 4s endgame

Before the Diablo 4s endgame is released, Blizzard is asking people to play the Diablo 4s endgame ...

Blizzard has made a rather strange-sounding but-logical request: it wants hardcore Diablo and action RPG grinders to test out their new game's endgame in a future closed beta.

Diablo 4 will be a long-term game, rather than its current action RPG sibling, Diablo 3, which has been around for ten years or more. The following game modes will be included in the said beta: Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers of the Dead, and Fields of Hatred.

What is Helltide, and how does it work in the region? Legends will only be available to those who have reached World Tier Three: Nightmare difficulty. Enemies may also drop Cinders, a new currency used to open Helltide Chests filled with powerful weapons and armor.

Nightmare Dungeons – Nightmare-difficulty dungeons in Diablo IV unlock when you find your first Nightmare Sigil. These sigils will add special modifiers to their dungeon, increasing the ferocity of the hell-servants waiting for you inside and providing more powerful loot.

How do you know what you're getting into in Whispers of the Dead? "Whispers" are frequently-rotating tasks that reward experience, gold, and Grim Favors when completed. Players may exchange them at the Tree of Whispers for additional loot and experience.

Do you want to be famous in the PvP realm of God? Fields of Hatred – These designated PvP zones serve as proving grounds for players who want to renounce their name through blood and zeal. Seeds of Hatred can be smashed into Red Dust in the PvP Cosmetic and Mount Vendors for ornamental rewards. Be quick to convert your Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust if you can overtake other players in combat.

The catch? Blizzard is extremely strict about who it will invite to this closed beta session: you will need to be enrolled in's "News and Special Offers" form, and be an experienced grinder in the previous Diablo games. If you've played Diablo 2 Resurrected's endgame and multiple difficulties, or played a ton of Diablo 3's Seasons, you're a shoe-in for the beta.

The final invites for Diablo 4 will be released on 18 November. Don't worry, public testing of the game is scheduled to begin early in 2023.

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