Owners of iPhone 14 Pro are complaining about a slow-camera app

Owners of iPhone 14 Pro are complaining about a slow-camera app ...

The problems with Apple's new iPhone 14 Pro lineup continue to pop up. Some owners are reporting issues with the Camera app. Multiple users have complained about the Camera app taking several seconds to load when it is opened.

After tapping the Camera app icon, affected users are seeing the Camera app take four to five seconds to activate. The issue occurs when the camera has already been opened.

Sephiroth0, a MacRumors reader, has tweeted:

Users do not notice the problem if the Camera app has been manually closed and reopened, or after a software restart. It only appears to happen when the Camera app has been running in the background. The complaints are mostly from iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users, and it happens in all photo modes.

Users claim that the issue is limited to the Camera app and does not affect third-party camera apps. The issue does not resurface when the Camera app is switched to video mode rather than photo mode.

The iOS 16.0.1 update does not appear to be able to resolve the issue, and restarting the iPhone does not provide a permanent solution, nor does factory reset the device.

The iPhone 14 Pro has had a second camera-related issue, as iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users reported a problem where the devices' rear camera vibrates uncontrollably in third-party apps that include camera functionality, including Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, resulting in a shaky video. An Apple spokesman says a fix will be released next week.

The slow opening issue with the Camera app is likely a software issue, and this will be addressed in an upcoming update.

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