Gotta Card em All (PS5) Temtem Review

Gotta Card em All (PS5) Temtem Review ...

Temtem trainers around the world have been waiting for the game's release date since it was initially announced on a Kickstarter campaign back in 2018. After a very lengthy period of research and early-access programs, Temtem finally released on September 6, 2022. We've spent some time exploring the floating Archipelagos that are featured prominently throughout the game.

If you haven't heard this before, you play as a young Temtem trainer chosen by the local Temtem professor to leave your house and embark on a fantastic adventure. The player also has a nasty arch nemesis who appears at the most inappropriate times in an attempt to deceive you from the cookie-cutter nature of the game.

When I first heard about Temtem's world two and a half decades ago, names like Briçal de Mar, Temtem with names like Smazee, and other martial terms seemed forced to me. Many of the names have since become familiar to me, such as the humorous final evolution of Paharo, a Temtem's entry-level bird-type creature that first appeared in the book of Boba Fett.

Temtem's art style is unique enough that you'd never have to wonder what you're playing. Airships are a cool idea, as are their transportation techniques, and you may even want to visit other players' houses to stay afloat. Quests picked up along the way between Dojo battles will have you retracing your steps or retracing your paths for good measure.

Temtem's audio is superb, although the overworld music isn't as catchy as in other games, much like the names of the creatures and locations, the songs tend to grow on you as you play them. Temtem's creatures are also quite vocal, as they make calls when they emerge from TemCards, when they are defeated, or when interacted with outside of combat.

Crema's Unity Engine is used in the game's development, but it's otherwise left unnoticed in any significant way. Temtem has a solid visual mode, and it's entirely acceptable for a game that's first and foremost about collecting.

Because of an internet connection, other players from all platforms can be seen, and their companion Temtem can be found near their homes. Generally, players can ignore all other players and continue making progress in the main campaign without any difficulty. If a companion is out, you can either use the cross button when close enough to log the Temtem in your Tempedia, which is a recreation facility similar to a Pokéstop.

Temtem keeps things simple: most battles are 2v2 events, and often the player will be battling two other trainers at a time. For example, some abilities may inflict poisoning on an opponent if the Temtem's partner is of a certain type. Each Temtem may also carry one piece of equipment to further enhance their own abilities.

Temtem eliminates the need for Healing Points and allows creatures to use any move as many times as they desire, with some additional restrictions or considerations tacked on. However, if a Temtem does not have enough STA to attack, it will hurt itself in proportion to how much more damage it does. This is a useful technique later in the campaign.

As with most creature collecting games, you'll get paid for what you've earned. While it's possible to grind out a couple of Temtems and win with brute force, learning Temtem's mechanisms and creating a winning squad no matter the enemy type is an option that is perhaps more rewarding.

Crema has indeed succeeded in achieving its goal of being the greatest monster catching game. With continued support and future expansions, Temtem might become a wonderfully addictive, challenging turn-based collect-a-thon game with MMO elements mixed in. The creatures may not be as inventive at times, nor are there as many of them to collect.

Score: 7.5/10


  • A quaint, eye-pleasing world
  • Whimsical music
  • Solid combat mechanics


  • Cookie cutter story
  • Not nearly enough Temtem
  • Always online requirement

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