Season 2 of Cute Executive Officer will be released soon! But when will it be released? Release Date, and More!

Season 2 of Cute Executive Officer will be released soon! But when will it be released? Release Date ...

The official announcement on Sunday stated the arrival of Cute Executive Officer Season 2. Moreover, there have been some cast adjustments in the upcoming season of the anime. However, it is not a major change. Check out the source material before moving to anything else!

Odeko Fuji is the father of the titular manga series, which belongs to the comedy genre and its serialization began in January 2018. The manga was published in two magazines by the Kadokawa publication, the first one being Curazy Manga. Besides, the manga has received an anime adaptation that will be released on January 1, 2021!

Season 2 of Cute Executive Officer has been confirmed!

The official publishers of the titular manga made a statement about Season 2 of the Cute Executive Officer. The anime is expected to also be available on various online platforms. The first on the list is Yoshine Fudo, a new Kitsune Company employee.

The other new additions to the cast are Ray Okano and Mugaku Hamaoka. Yui Ogura and Akio Ohtsuka will be playing the children roles in the anime. However, Mugaku will be a gourmet who is familiar with the lead cast. Soshina has become the new composer for the upcoming season.

What Is The Anime's Plot?

Mujina is a five-year-old girl who is the CEO of a corporation called Mujina Company. Moreover, she participates in events and contracts with her clients.

The secretary is a prominent one of these annoying characters. Mujina is too much involved in her personal life and daily activities. The second irritating character is an office worker who's native place is a mystery to the boss. Moreover, there is an employee whose funny activities amuse viewers.

Season 2 of Cute Executive Officer: Release Date

The titular anime's announcement included a promise that the anime will be released early next year. Whether it is early in the new year or the Japanese new year, the fans have guessed that the anime will either be released in January or in the spring of the following year. No need to fret, the List23 team will update the date as soon as it becomes public.

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