The second trailer for the Eternal Boys anime is now out! Release Date, Release Date, and More!

The second trailer for the Eternal Boys anime is now out! Release Date, Release Date, and More! ...

The producers of Eternal Boys Anime released the new teaser for the upcoming anime. However, the new footage revealed the new teaser for the upcoming anime. Moreover, the fans were able to see the anime's opening and ending theme songs!

Manpuku Geino, the production studio, has written the storyline for the titular manga. Chansana is the illustrator for the source manga. The original run of the manga began on April 15, 2022. The Media Factory publication published the manga in its Monthly Comic Gene magazine. The anime series will be released shortly. Check out the article below for more information!

New Trailer Reveals Cast Info for the Eternal Boys Anime!

The trailer for the Eternal Boys anime appeared on the official website of the titular anime. Gentlemen was the first idol group, while the Story of Love was the second group. The former group included Shotaro Morikubo, KENN, Takuma Terashima, and Jun Kasama. These cast members will portray the characters Sawao, Ui, Renji, and Etsuro in the upcoming anime.

Besides, cast members like Chiaki, Shugo, and others who have performed the final theme song will be included in the second group. Friends is the new song's name; the opening theme song is Dreamy Life. The filmmakers have also organized a four-episode screening to promote the anime in Tokyo. Both Animax and BS Fuji will stream the anime on their respective platforms.

What Will Be The Anime About?

The anime is about a group of men facing a middle-life crisis. They have turned forty and wish to become an idol group at this age. However, their limitations and abilities keep them from fulfilling their potential. They have decided to rise to the challenge whenever they arise.

Moreover, there are some issues regarding the appearance of these men. This is a real concern, and the anime will investigate their own behavior. However, there are others who aren't in the lead group. Will these guys be able to participate in these over-competitive settings?

Release Date for Eternal Boys Anime

The Eternal Boys Anime will be released on October 11, 2022. Fuji TV is the only platform that offers a 2:20 am release time. However, the FOD will release the anime on September 26, 2022. But the fans will need a subscription to watch the anime without any interruption. Keep following List23 for more such updates on the upcoming anime series!

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