Shinichiros Past! Release Date & Plot in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270

Shinichiros Past! Release Date & Plot in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 ...

Even though the whole time leaping process began with the intention of preserving Manjiro, there are still many mistakes that have been made in the process. Starting with the main act that led to Mikey's change, the entire story is now splitting in two directions. This week, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 is scheduled to release. But there are also many hidden secrets.

Fans will be able to see Mikey's side of the story in the coming storyline. His outburst resulted in an unfortunate event that could never be reversed in any case. This is where the concept of time-leaping will be introduced for the first time.

What Will Happen Next in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270?

The last panel of the previous chapter revealed that Mikey had gone through one of his worst times. He had not learned how to forgive the mistakes that he had made. So now, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270 will continue to tell the story of the Sano brothers. Shinichiro will only know about Time-leaping once he has learned that his brother is in need of help.

Manjiro is a middle-schooler who neglects to do minor tasks like visiting friends. It is very probable that Mikey and Shinichiro will encounter time while shaking hands. Just like in the case of Takemichi, this man will be transported to a time when things might be saved.

Recap of the Previous Chapter

Mikey told the story of the second-time leaper in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 269. So, Mikey was on a gang ride with all of his brother's friends. This was the first timeline that had not been altered in any way. And this also happened to be the time when the first Gen Black Dragon was disbanded.

Shinichiro hoped that his younger brother would develop to be even better leaders than him. That was when he purchased the jet for him. The information that he received about his brother's accident was that he had fallen from the stairs. And so, Manjiro Sano was put in a deep state of paralysis that he could no longer operate his body.

Release Date for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 270

As we write, no specific break has been announced in the release of this chapter. Fans will therefore be able to catch all the chapters on the due date. The manga's entire manga will be released only on the official pages of Kodansha on September 21, 2022.

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