Season 1, episode 7 of Once Upon a Small Town recap is light and enjoyable to watch

Season 1, episode 7 of Once Upon a Small Town recap is light and enjoyable to watch ...

Once Upon a Small Town, a Netflix K-Drama series, is recapped below.

After a brief hiatus last week, episode seven restores Once Upon a Small Town to its usual lightness. With a very specific one-off story in this installment, it was a pleasant change of pace.

Season 1, episode 7 of Once Upon a Small Town: A recap

After re-watching the last episode, we cut to see Ja-young admit to Man-sung that something is wrong, well aware that it might have something to do with the men in the police officer's life. Likewise, Ji-yul looks despondent in the hospital until he's needed for the treatment of a 3-month-old rabbit who is suffering from diarrhoea.

Judy (the pet) does not have any major problems, although she is dehydrated, and requires fluids and some monitoring, as well as no more fruit being given to her as a result of her desire to thrash Hui-won (the pet owner), wanting her to forget about the present she gave him a while ago. Ji-yul advises the youngster to allow his crush some time to think things through on her own.

Ji-yul recalls the unpleasant encounter with Ja-young from the day before and calls her, only to be interrupted by Yeong-suk. Nevertheless, it's all for a good reason, as the vet is required to help out with a cow that has been stuck in labour without giving birth for a whole day.

Ja-young spots a disgruntled Seon-dong walking along the street as the news is announced that the national singing competition will be held in Majeong. Meanwhile, the Huidong Women's Association regrets that their village cannot host the event they desired, knowing that they must get the necessary funding to avoid further embarrassment.

Seon-dong is outraged that he has felt invisible to Hui-won now, and seeks out further help. Ja-young is able to assist in this, reminding the boy that he should just apologise for his mistake, given that he knows why his crush is irritated.

Seon-dong ends up pleading with Ji-yul, claiming that Hui-won and Ja-young "ruined everything." This is because the schoolboy was accused of having a dissonant personality when he expressed his opinions to Hui-won, thus his crush does not want to hang out with him anymore. However, Ji-yul is more interested in hearing that Ja-young said the vet's advice is nonsense, possibly deducing that he must apologi

We watch as Ji-yul convinces Seon-dong to continue working on his distance keeping strategy, yet subtly suggesting that Ji-yul should say something as soon as it's too late.

Sang-hyeon interrupts the conversation when the vet appears to be opening up. He wants to know why Ja-young did not visit the barn yesterday for a beer, flustering his long-time friend and marking Ji-yul's retirement.

Sang-hyeon meets up with Ja-young to discuss who she was before she became uneasy about the whole experience, stating that she'll never see the vet again once he returns to Seoul anyway, so why bother dwelling on the past? The peach farmer is soon to travel to the capital city himself to meet a client.

A deflated Ji-yul speaks about the unusual encounter between himself and Ja-young and Yun-hyeong in the hospital, and awkwardly confesses that she appears different (in a good way) to him now that he recognises her. However, the Seoul colleague does state here that Ji-yul must have been a "jerk" for the police officer to act like she didn't previously know him.

Hui-won appears in front of the vet with a strange looking text from Seon-dong, who has announced his retirement, and is now nowhere to be seen, nor can be communicated with. As such, Ji-yul and the police begin a search to trace the possible suspect.

Ja-young and the vet poke around the village for the nine-year-old while disagreeing on how Ji-yul's advice might have influenced his actions. Both sides agree on the importance of timing and the necessity of an apology, again obviously understatedly referring to the pair's own past as secret friends.

When things get a little personal, and the pair discuss their differing romantic successes in general, there seems to be a sense of shared wrongdoing, and both parties settle down. Then, Seon-dong returns to the village, evidently much calmer, and Ji-yul subtly apologizes to Ja-young in the car, attempting to mask his words as being applicable to Seon-dong and Hui-won.

The final paragraph

Both Ji-yul and Ja-young smile enthusiastically in the truck, recalling the awkward conversation between the two about their past as "secret friends," which only the vet had forgotten. As well as this, it becomes clear that the abrupt conclusion of the discussion had actually occurred when the police officer became dissatisfied with the idea of changing.

Continuing, Ji-yul waits for Ja-young outside when she drops off Seon-dong, ready to open up. He does, before sincerely apologize for forgetting who she was. The episode comes to an end.

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