Multiplayer Modern Warfare II impressions: The basic gameplay is solid

Multiplayer Modern Warfare II impressions: The basic gameplay is solid ...

This weekend, I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II multiplayer, increasing my total in the first beta for the game on the PlayStation 5.

I was impressed with the multiplayer gameplay, which will be released on October 28 alongside the single-player campaign for Modern Warfare II. The basic gameplay of the multiplayer, where six human players face off against six others in infantry combat, is solid.

In the following videos embedded in this story, you can see some of my rounds. Early on, I had serious issues staying alive in the game and I thought there was something different about this year's championship. But eventually, after I leveled up my rifle some, I was able to even the score.

The next-generation graphics on the PS5 were quite vivid and detailed. And once I discovered what was causing my initial network problems (the PS5 forgets that it has wired internet occasionally), my machine ran quite nicely. I only encountered occasional glitches, but overall I was happy with the game's networking performance.

The improved Gunsmith customization platform will give people a lot of reasons to upgrade their rifles for the first time in between matches. One of the greatest benefits of this Call of Duty is that it takes up less time than previous titles.

On three maps, I played Domination and Team Deathmatch: Farm 18 in a classified location, Mercado Las Almas in Mexico, and Breenbergh Hotel in an evacuated downtown Amsterdam. I also played some rounds of Hostage Rescue at the Valderas Museum in Spain, and in Breenbergh, as well as Knockout.

With 6v6 battles, the gaming focused exclusively on the game's core infantry combat.

The decoy soldier spooked me a few times, quickly inflates and draws the attention of other players, exposing their locations. When you hit the decoy, the air deflates, and you have to wonder where the real shooter is.

With relatively weak guns that weren't leveled up, I never encountered the gigantic armored soldier you see in the trailers.

We didn't see any of the more complicated scenarios where you see stealth, amphibious assaults, AI and vehicular warfare in these levels. I was able to jump off a ledge and peek over the edge before falling over a wall, which is a handy feature.

I was able to see where I could expect enemies to run and where I could shelter and shoot away with my light machine gun in close combat situations. I like it as much as I do. I can't wait to try the sniper rifles out, which were not available in this beta.

On September 22, there will be a second beta test, with Xbox and PC players joining the fray to test the game one more time.

Later on, we will see large-scale Ground War Battle Maps which will support 32v32. The graphics in this beta definitely looked better. Modern Warfare ll includes a physically based material system allowing for state-of-the-art photogrammetry, a new PBR water and underwater rendering system, world volumetric lighting, and more as well as a new GPU geometry pipeline.

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