Season 2 Episode 5 of Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap and Ending, Explained

Season 2 Episode 5 of Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap and Ending, Explained ...

'The Unreliable Narrator,' a fifth episode of AMC's comedy series 'Kevin Can F**k Himself,' focuses on Allison Devine-McRoberts' attempts to smuggle Gertrude's death certificate, and invites her aunt Diane to join her in her quest to smuggle her. The episode concludes with pivotal moments that may affect Allison and Diane's lives.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap for Season 2 Episode 5

Patty meets Tammy to discuss how she felt distant from her after discovering her in evidence footage, only for Patty to leave without responding to the same. A power outage occurs in Worcester, and Kevin McRoberts, along with Neil, his father Peter "Pete" McRoberts, and Diane arrive at the restaurant to feel safe.

Allison and Patty leave under the guise that they will get gasoline for Kevin's generator. They refuse to give money to another friend's house, thus dropping their colleague's girlfriend and friend at another friend's house, obtaining the death certificate, which Allison then declares to Tammy.

Season 2 Episode 5 of Kevin Can F**k Himself: Do Allison and Sam Recover?

After becoming dissatisfied with their previous marriage, Allison and Sam begin to have an extra-marital affair. He fails to realize the depth and intensity of Kevin's uncontrollable presence and influence on Allison's life, which forces him to break up with her without understanding that she must live their own lifestyle.

When Sam spends a night with Kevin, his actions result in the blackout and the discovery that he is currently living at his diner. The time he shares with Kevin makes him realize how vital it is for Allison to escape the toxic effects of such a human being, and how she cannot be held accountable for sharing her life with them. However, the chances of their reunion aren't as great as Sam understands Allison better.

Sam may need to think twice before he makes a decision about their planned reunion. Since his marriage with Jenn has reached an end, Sam does not have anything that would prevent him from joining Allison in her dangerous endeavor. If he does, he may be sentenced to death as Allison's partner-in-crime.

Is Neil and Diane a couple?

Neil's life changes after realizing that Allison and his sister Patty are plotting to kill his best friend Kevin. Even though he condemns Allison and Patty, he seems to realize the reason for their actions, which sometimes opens the way for his distance from Kevin. Diane is a different story. While Kevin accuses Neil of stealing his generator, he kisses Diane.

Neil invites Diane out for a drink, indicating his intention to get together with her. Diane may not have any obligation to remain a partner in Chuck's inappropriate actions and behavior because he has disrespected her with an extra-marital affair. Neil may be willing to offer commitment as his intentions indicate.

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