Recap and Conclusion of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 12

Recap and Conclusion of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 12 ...

Ryuuen continues to torture Karuizawa in the twelfth episode of season 2 of 'Classroom of the Elite,' titled 'Force Without Wisdom Falls of Its Own Weight.' Just when her suffering becomes so severe, Ayanokouji pays Chabashira a visit with a special request. Here's all you need to know about the ending of 'Classroom of the Elite' season 2 episode 12.

Season 2 Episode 12 Recap of Classroom of the Elite

Karuizawa is still unsatisfied with Ryuuen's refusal to recite the mastermind's name, even when he admits to her that the mastermind has misled her from the beginning, and Karuizawa is still unwilling to disclose any information. She remembers all the stories that she shared with Ayanokouji, and is glad that he accepted his offer of assistance.

Ayanokouji and his study group friends are going to karaoke. After lying to them that he wants to sleep, Ayanokouji heads straight to Chabashira's office. When they meet, he warns her that Class D's promotion will be in jeopardy if Karuizawa decides to quit the school.

Chabashira appears to recognize the seriousness of the situation, but she adds that the school administration and especially the teachers usually do not involve themselves in personal matters between pupils. However, Ayanokouji has other ideas and is in fact not seeking her assistance.

As she follows him outside, she is surprised to see Horikita's brother and former student council president waiting for both of them. Ayanokouji reminds him that he must stand as witness to the events that are unfolding right now and remember that things started by Class C, not Class D. He agrees to do as he is asked, on the condition that he convinces Horikita to join the student council.

Ending of Season 2 Episode 12 of Classroom of the Elite Is Ayanokouji a Come to Karuizawa's Rescue?How Does He Help Her?

Ayanokouji walks away after Chabashira and Manabu understands what he is saying and tells Chabashira that he is about to complete the whole drama alone. When Albert arrives, Ayanokouji tells him that he is the man that they have been looking for so long.

Albert leads him to Ryuuen's gang and Karuizawa, who she is shocked to see Ayanokouji there. Instead, Ryuuen and his men ridicule him for his appearance and manner. However, Ayanokouji admits that he was the one who caused the malfunction of her camera on the deserted island using water.

Ayanokouji would have preferred to allow Karuizawa to suffer for him. However, he did not intend to allow them to suffer for him. He is there to confront them all on his own. Unfortunately, Ayanokouji turns out to be much tougher than they had anticipated as he easily joins the fight at the same time.

Ayanokouji asserts that he made a mistake to think that he was able to keep him. Sadly, like others, Ryuuji fails to even touch him once. He claims to have no fear, yet Ayanokouji is unperturbed by such empty statements.

Ayanokouji continues to beat him up until he is unconscious. He decides to comfort Karuizawa who was tortured cruelly at one point. He vows to always stand by her side and come to her aid in the worst cases.

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