An A$AP Rocky attorney describes the alleged shooting claim as an extension attempt

An A$AP Rocky attorney describes the alleged shooting claim as an extension attempt ...

Joe Tacopina, A$AP Rocky's defense lawyer, disclosed new information to Rolling Stone on the rapper's pending civil and criminal case surrounding an alleged shooting. Tacopina claims the claims were made by a "jealous" A$AP Relli in an attempt to extort money from the accused.

"Rocky didn't shoot him by any stretch," Tacopina exclaims before calling the alleged violent incident a "false scenario" and "a plain and clear classic effort at extortion."

Relli, whose real name is Terrell Ephron, has tried many times to get paid by Rocky, also known as Rakim Meyers, according to Tacopina. Ephron's attorney claims the incident where the shooting allegedly occurred was initiated by Ephron.

Tacopina asserted that he was a shambolic ex-associate of Rocky, and that he is jealous. He wanted Rocky to support him. He made it clear. There were numerous times when he tried to get money in lieu of not causing problems for Rocky. That's what he said.

Ephron's civil legal team responded to Tacopina's accusations in defense of his client. "The merits of the present case against A$AP Rocky [have] been thoroughly examined by both law enforcement and the Los Angeles District Attorney prior to the decision to arrest A$AP Rocky but charge him."

A$AP Rocky was charged with assault with a firearm in August after being accused of shooting Relli during a November 2021 incident in Los Angeles. The "L$D" rapper has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Rocky is prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition, as well as from contact or coming within 100 yards of the alleged victim.

Rocky, a 33-year-old artist, must also clear any upcoming travel to perform before the court. If found guilty, he may be sentenced to nine years in prison.

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