According to Industry Insider, Bloodborne will not be updated anytime soon by Software

According to Industry Insider, Bloodborne will not be updated anytime soon by Software ...

Elden Ring, From Software's latest title, was without doubt the developer's most successful project yet. The game made headlines by staying on the Steam charts for many weeks, but there is another From Software franchise that has perfected the art of soul-like games, and that's none other than Bloodborne.

Bloodborne was released in 2015 for the PlayStation 4. It was praised by both fans and critics. To this day, the game is considered as one of the finest action RPG games on the PlayStation.

Form Software isn't updating Bloodborne.

Bloodborne hasn't been updated like others. We saw games like The Last of Us being reimagined, and even the Witcher 3, which was released the same year, is getting a new-gen patch.

Jeff Grubb has just confirmed that From Software will not be updating the Bloodborne update anytime soon, according to a recent episode of Xbox Expansion Pass.

'From Software is very busy with Elden Ring,' said the player, adding that you couldn't just hire a team to work on it. They'd have to open doors to a section of a code that is a bit messed up.'

The whole interview can be seen here:

That should, obviously, be their primary concern from a business standpoint, given Elden Ring's success. According to Statista, the game has sold 16.6 million copies so far, which in itself is staggering considering the game only released this year.

Jeff has stated that this does not imply that Bloodborne has been fully resolved. Updates are expected but that isn't expected anytime soon though it might happen in the future. Primarily, Bloodborne does require an update as there are a few issues with the came.

Fans are eager for a new Bloodborne experience and we can only hope that the update will come soon. Keep an eye out for any new information.

Are you a Bloodborne fan? What changes would you like to see when the game is updated? Let us know in the comments below.

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