What Has Happened to Christian Griggs' Ex-Wife Katie Griggs?

What Has Happened to Christian Griggs' Ex-Wife Katie Griggs? ...

'True Crime Story: It Couldn't Happen Here,' says viewers on the latest episode of Investigation Discovery. Christian Griggs was shot outside his father-in-law's house after he returned to pick up his then-4-year-old daughter, Jaden. Katie Griggs was also inside the house when the shooting occurred.

Katie Griggs: Who is she?

Katie Chisenhall was a reserved and lovely girl growing up in Angier, North Carolina. She married Christian at Harnett Central High School, and the couple began dating shortly thereafter. Jaden was born in November 2008, just months after her high school graduation.

Christian attended North Carolina State University on a full ROTC scholarship, but he resigned after a year and joined the Army to care for his daughter. Katie's parents later explained that she would often accuse them of disrespecting her. The marriage went through its flaws. In August 2011, Christian spent time in Iraq.

Christian and Katie purchased a house in Harlem, Georgia, in May 2012, but Katie called 911 to report that Christian had locked himself in a gun; she assumed it was just to scare Katie. Then, in September 2012, while Katie was in Georgia, she called 911 to say that Christian had threatened to kill herself. At the time, he lived at his parents' house in North Carolina.

Katie and Pat were arrested the following day for breaking and entering and domestic criminal trespass. They tried to reintroduce Christian to their three children before finally calling it quits in 2013. On October 11, 2013, he went to pick her up. However, an argument ensued, and on October 11, 2013, he said, Christian ripped out an AC unit and damaged a window.

Christian returned to pick up Jaden on the morning of October 12, 2013, but what happened later remained unknown. The pastor asked his daughter to enter the house. Pat then claimed that Christian began banging on the doors and windows of the house and wanted Katie to leave. Katie later called 911 and stated that Christian began banging on the doors and windows of the house.

What happened to Katie Griggs today?

Katie Griggs' account of the incident was sealed by the court in Harnett County, North Carolina, with only Pat's version of the events publicly available. She was present at Christian's parents' wrongful death trial, where he was found civilly liable.

Katie Griggs has been involved in a legal battle with Christian's parents about their access to Jaden. In the years following, Katie remarried, and in January 2018, Katie filed a petition for Jaden to take her husband's name. It was apparently granted the following month.

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