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The Governor Of New York Explained Where The Coronavirus Got To The State

The Governor Of New York Explained Where The Coronavirus Got To The State

The coronavirus did not come to New York state from China but was imported from European countries, state Governor Andrew Cuomo told reporters.

He cited the results of a study by the Northeastern University of the United States, according to which by March 1, when the first confirmed case of the disease was registered in the state, more than 10 thousand residents were already infected. In his opinion, the most likely source is Italy.

The Governor noted that Trump ordered a ban on entry from China on February 2, more than a month after the first reports of an outbreak in Wuhan, and the decision to restrict European entry was made only in March when the virus had already spread widely in the United States.

"We closed the entrance door for entry from China, it was the right thing to do. "But we left the back door open because the virus had flown out of China by the time we imposed the travel ban on China," Cuomo said at a briefing.

He blamed the US administration for a slow response to the epidemic in China, where alarming reports began to arrive in January and February.

According to him, during these two months, 2.2 million people flew from Europe to the airports of New York and New Jersey, many of whom were probably COVID-19 carriers.

"We took action two months after the outbreak in China. (...) By the time we realized, "the horse had already left the stable," the Governor said.

He noted that it is important that the country learns from the mistakes that were made because the infection may break out again in the fall or a new virus may appear.

"It will happen again, believe me. Let's not bury our heads in the sand," he said.

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