Season 1 review of The Brave Ones is packed with energy

Season 1 review of The Brave Ones is packed with energy ...

Netflix will always have a market pull for a variety of reasons, and that’s because it gives series like The Brave Ones a run. A supernatural story steeped in South African mythology.

The Brave Ones is quick to introduce the characters to a new reality, from the off-the-cuff. The story follows an all-powerful goddess who is reincarnated as a young woman who must use her divine powers to avenge her sister's death and protect her family from destruction. There is also polarization.

The Brave Ones prefers to use constant threats to flesh out their characters. Nonetheless, they might at least allow the face of the series to have an emotional connection with her audience.

The Brave Ones is a well-known South African Netflix series that enjoys its six-episode runtime and gives the narrative as much meaning and energy as it can. The stories take root in a deepening tragedy that propels the plot forward.

Six chapters of this Netflix playlist bring sadness. It seems like season 1 could have done with more scope. However, this series can and should continue to grow. It's educational, fun, and worth the thumbnail in your Netflix dashboard.

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