Who betrays the school in Season 2 of The Winx Saga?

Who betrays the school in Season 2 of The Winx Saga? ...

This article, titled "Who betrays the school," contains spoilers regarding Netflix's second season of The Winx Saga.

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In the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga, there are quite a few baddies, many of whom are attempting to deceive Alfea and the pupils. Yet, even some of the greatest villains, such as Rosalind, believe they have the best interests of the school at heart. However, not everybody does.

Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga – who betrays the school?

It's Beatrix! After she, Riven, and Dane break up, everyone seems to realize she's a shady business. Yet, they're just not aware how much. Yet. After Beatrix discovers herself being alienated by all of the other students, she becomes Sebestian's mole.

Beatrix isn't as nasty and brutal as Sebastian. Instead, she allows some of the pupils to escape capture, even tries to warn Stella that Sebastian is a real danger to Bloom. But is it already done? No. In the season finale, Beatrix continues to play both sides.

Beatrix snaps and turns on him as she wins the battle against Bloom. Yet, her happiness is short-lived as Sebastian throws her against a wall. Blood drips out of her head, and there is nothing that can be done to save her.

Whether or not she will stay alive? Will this storyline last as long as she discovered that she had two sisters? I don't believe it would.

What were your thoughts on the person who betrayed the school? Were you surprised?

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