Season 2 of Fate The Winx Saga: What Happened? Why Does Bloom Go to the Realm of Darkness?

Season 2 of Fate The Winx Saga: What Happened? Why Does Bloom Go to the Realm of Darkness? ...

'Fate: The Winx Saga' is set in a place called the Otherworld where a young lady named Bloom attends a fairy school called Alfea. Despite her potential for magic, Bloom is unconcerned about her true roots, and it's all due to her obscure past. Here's what that major decision ultimately signifies for her.

Season 2 Recap of Fate: The Winx Saga

Rosalind has all of the power to restore everything to where it was once. Silva will be freed from Alfea, who will be re-assigned to a harsh wintry desert where no one will ever return. During these attacks, strange creatures called Scrapers appear near Alfea, who seem to be attempting to unlock a door that might end the Otherworld as we know it.

Bloom also grapples with the discovery of the Dragon Flame and what it implies for her. More information about her past come from unexpected sources. In the end, she decides to go straight to the source to discover who she is.

Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga: Why Does Bloom Go to the Realm of Darkness?

Bloom is motivated by a lot of things, but the most crucial is to discover who she is and where she came from. Everybody who promises to answer her dies before they can do so, or gives half-truths that lead her nowhere.

Sebastian explains that it wasn't just the dragon flame that had been in jeopardy for a thousand years. Bloom realizes that her mother had the Dragon Flame, but she began to lose control of her powers, which made her dangerous. In order to save the world and everyone around her, Bloom placed herself in the Realm of Darkness where no one could grab her.

Sebastian desired to open the Realm portal because he wanted access to an entity called Shadow that might allow him to resurrect his people, all of whom were murdered in Aster Dell. He wanted the Dragon Flame because it would give him all the magic he needed in one go, rather than taking it from low-level fairies.

Sebastian is defeated by the Winx group in the end, with Stella, Terra, and Aisha becoming winged fairies. Despite the danger they faced, Bloom decided it should be her that closes the door, but it couldn't be done from the Otherworld. She would have to cross over to the other side, to the Realm of Darkness, and close the door from there.

Sebastian revealed that her mother had also crossed over to the Realm of Darkness when she lost control of her Dragon Flame. Bloom knows exactly where her birth mother was and she cannot help but go there. No one knows the whole truth about her parentage and past, and all anyone has ever done in the name of telling her the truth is either string her along or manipulate her for it. She decides to put an end to it, find her mother, and discover everything that she need to about her family and the cause of all the problems that have happened

Bloom knows that there is danger on every corner. She only discovers a mysterious woman who she doesn't know about before and after her mother. However, all of that had happened a thousand years ago. She may still have to wait for all of the answers she's been seeking.

What Does Bloom's Vision Mean?

Something new arises just when Bloom thinks she has figured out her powers, causing her to consider the true scope of what she can do in the next season. Both of these are helpful in shaping the future for the season ahead. In the first vision, Sebastian opens the door to the Realm of Darkness, but Shadow is seen again.

Sebastian was likely to have the opportunity to open the door at the same time as Bloom agreed to grant him the Dragon Flame, according to Bloom's first vision. However, she finds a woman waiting for her, although she believes this is her mother.

When Stella visits Beatrix's grave, she leaves a flower for her. As she leaves, we observe the darkness come out behind her and discover Shadow standing over Beatrix's grave. This suggests that Sebastian may have reacted appropriately when he was distracted by the Dragon Flame.

Bloom saw Shadow in her previous vision, but it is not necessary that she looked forward to seeing someone else meeting Shadow, who is now out of the Realm of Darkness. The building in her vision appeared more desolate and empty, but it is also lighter, suggesting that a dark entity like Shadow has had something to do with it. Perhaps this is Shadow's way of gaining her trust before it attempts to grab the Dragon Flame.

This would be fantastic news for Bloom, who will be meeting one of her parents for the first time, and perhaps she'll finally uncover some insights, such as about her newfound ability to see both the future and the past.

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