Is Riven, Dane, and Beatrix gay or bisexual in the Winx Saga's Fate?

Is Riven, Dane, and Beatrix gay or bisexual in the Winx Saga's Fate? ...

'Fate: The Winx Saga' is a Netflix series that depicts magical fairies and highly-trained Specialists who train in Alfea. The show focuses on the individual lives of its young adult characters. Their friendships and romance often lead to new relationships and established loyalties.

Riven, Beatrix, and Dane are the most curious of all relationships in 'Fate: The Winx Saga.' Many students in Alfea wonder what's really going on between the three of them.

What is Riven, Beatrix, and Dane's Sexuality?

The sexual preferences of the majority of Alfea students are fairly straightforward, but the trio of Riven, Beatrix, and Dane is much more complicated than usual. The common thread between them is that they are polyamorous. They are in a bond with one another, though their level of devotion differs.

Dane is the most dedicated person in the relationship. He was attracted to Riven for the reasons for whom he indulged in the relationship. However, with time, he became more emotionally attached to Beatrix and has proved to be her most loyal friend. Riven, on the other hand, does not take Dane's participation in the trio very seriously.

Beatrix, on the other hand, is much more complicated than Riven and Dane combined. At the beginning of her relationship, she tended to seek out him whenever she needed an accomplice. Over time, however, she gradually becomes attached to him. She doesn't blink twice before betraying him when she need to save someone else she loves more. They brought Dane into their relationship as a joke, especially because they didn't want him to see him.

Beatrix is more acquiescent in terms of feelings, but her sexuality is more straightforward compared to her lovers. Most of the time, we see him flirting with girls, but he doesn't mind when Dane becomes a part of his Beatrix. At the end, Riven is unaffected.

Dane becomes more and more interested in his relationship with Riven, but before it became a reality. This is demonstrated by the fact that after the separation, Beatrix is more concerned about losing Riven than Beatrix.

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