Is Lifetimes Dying to Win based on a True Story? Where was it shot? Who is the cast?

Is Lifetimes Dying to Win based on a True Story? Where was it shot? Who is the cast? ...

'Dying to Win,' a gold medal athlete who was murdered in the family estate, is a thriller film directed by Jeff Hare. Many people believe that Jesse may not be as innocent as she claims.

The film unfolds a riveting murder mystery tale that the viewers will be unable to help but follow with bated breath. While many have praised the film's cast and sitting, others are also interested in discovering whether or not it was inspired by real-life events. Here's what we know so far about the Lifetime film!

Is Dying to Win a True Story?

'Dying to Win' isn't based on a true story. Andrea Shawcross is the filmmaker who is also the author of 'A Vineyard Romance' and 'Love on Harbor Island.' These are the elements that help the viewer understand the characters and their motivations.

The main idea of the film is how Jesse is reintroduced to the public because of a scandal for which she may or may not be guilty. Unfortunately, such is not apparent in real life, especially within the sports industry. Often, former sports personalities are implicated in criminal activities or at least are connected to them due to a personal tragedy.

Jesse's personal struggles and her struggle with her newfound fame are explored in this film. It is superb at illustrating how the media's attention in a time of tragedy might affect a person. The film is a delight to watch.

I'm dying to win filming locations.

'Dying to Win' was likely shot in California, primarily in Los Angeles. The movie's primary filming took place in December 2021, and Ferguson Sauvé-Rogan served as the project's principal cinematographer. Let's talk about the possible filming locations in more depth.

Los Angeles, California

The city of Los Angeles in California is well-known for its famous moviemaking practices. Several of these artists worked closely behind the scenes to bring your favorite stories to life.

Los Angels, which is located on the Pacific Ocean, has been used as a backdrop in many films. Apart from the locations in and around the region, the city of Angels is home to well-known filming studios like Paramount Pictures Studio, which have state-of-the-art equipment that allow for a smooth filmmaking process.

Cast of Dying to Win

Mia Dinoto plays Jesse in the Lifetime thriller film. She has also played Cooper in 'Crown Lake' and 'Trophies.' The film also stars Marianne Lu as Esposito, Derek S. Orr as Tom, Ernest Pierce as Tom, and Kinnik Sky as Katie.

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