Next Time On Pantheon Season 1, Episode 5

Next Time On Pantheon Season 1, Episode 5 ...

This article includes a few predictions for the AMC+ series Pantheon season 1, episode 5, as well as a release date and where to find it online.

In the well-known film "The Gods Will Not Be Chained," billionaire entrepreneurs created virtual prisons for their Uploaded Intelligence. These electronic gods fight back and fight for their freedom. While, in the real world, Maddie and Caspian discover more secrets about Logorhythms.

  • Chanda hacks into Prasad’s tower block home and kills all his family in a deadly fire. Pope and Waxman see this on the news and ponder Prasad’s back alley uploads.
  • Caspian presents him mother with a large check to keep her afloat now that dad has walked out on them. He wants to protect her and provide for her too.
  • Maddie asks to see David’s world and finds him trapped in an office simulation. Laurie breaks in and attacks David, blaming him for her coding flaws. She is decaying due to this flaw, which has caused her to act erratic and aggressively.
  • Maddie contacts Caspian, asking for his help in locating Laurie. Caspian doesn’t know anything about her. Maddie warns Caspian that he is being watched.
  • Cody turns up at Maddie’s house in a threatening manner. Ellen pepper sprays him. Cody explains how his wife has gone missing. Cody recounts his history with Laurie. She too escaped Logorhythms’ servers and is after David.
  • Caspian tells Hannah that he doesn’t think his world is real. He finds Logorhythms chips in his computer and mobile phone.
  • Once Laurie is aware that David isn’t to blame for her disease, she helps him escape his cage. David must focus on his emotions to break out of the virtual prison.
  • Cody is about to shut down Laurie’s servers, but then receives a message. David reconnects with Maddie in the virtual world, where he is now 3D. Cody and Laurie reunite also. David explains how Laurie is decaying and he has the same issue. He’ll try and fix it before it’s too late.
  • Caspian overhears Renee and Hannah talking in secret. They are both in on this act. Caspian is right, his world isn’t real. He is been played by all his friends and family members.

Release Dates for Pantheon Season 1, Episode 5

The next episode will be available on AMC+ on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022.

Where can I find video on the internet?

Pantheon season 1, episode 5 is now available on AMC+ at the time mentioned above.


  • David and Laurie must get to the bottom of their coding flaw else they will soon become a hazard to the world around them. Uploaded Intelligence is still a new and unpredictable technology, but if anyone can fix things it is David.
  • Caspian has found out that his whole life is a lie. I think he’ll ditch Renee and Hannah now. Hopefully he’ll seek out Maddie and those two can finally meet in person. Maddie will then be able to explain the entire conspiracy, which Caspian is somehow a part of.
  • Waxman will infiltrate Prasad’s business and quickly find out what he was up to. Waxman will soon figure out Chanda’s involvement in the whole sorry mess.
  • Cary has gone rogue. He will surely be seeking out his son now, hopefully turning on Logorhythms and aiding Caspian in the process.

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