Ken Nelson, Shawna Nelson's ex-husband, where is she now?

Ken Nelson, Shawna Nelson's ex-husband, where is she now? ...

Ken Nelson knew that his wife, Shawna Nelson, was to blame for Heather Garraus' horrific death. Moreover, he was the one who discovered Shawna on that fateful day before the cops caught her.

Ken Nelson: Who Is He?

Ken Nelson worked as a sheriff's deputy in Weld County and was married to Shawna Nelson. Their marriage was a surprise to the outside world, as the couple emigrated to Greeley, Colorado, with their two children. Shawna was unsatisfied with Ken and felt that their union was failing. Hence, once she met and began cozying up to Ignacio Garraus, she could not help herself.

Ken and Heather knew nothing about the pregnancy until she became pregnant with Ignacio. However, Shawna desired Ignacio to return to her life. He even went to court and gave up his parental rights to the baby. Such a shocking move enraged Shawna.

Shawna first began out by threatening messages to Ignacio and Heather, but later decided to take the latter's life. Thus, on January 23, 2007, she put on a black robe, concealed her face behind a grim reaper mask, and drove her husband's truck to Heather's workplace. After forcing Heather to kneel, she shot Heather dead at point-blank range.

Ken Nelson was surprised to learn that the police were looking for his wife. Upon reaching the same location, authorities discovered Shawna dressed in black, while a grim reaper mask was discovered near the crime scene. A pair of shoes near the victim had traces of gunshot residue and Shawna's DNA on them.

What Has Happened to Ken Nelson?

Ken Nelson resigned from the Weld County Sheriff's Office in April 2007 while still charged as an accomplice. Since the prosecution decided that there wasn't enough to charge him of the same, he was also present when Shawna was sentenced to life in prison in 2008.

Ken completed his divorce from Shawna in May 2008, and the program stated that he would be raising his own children while also having custody of Shawna and Ignacio's child. Unfortunately, since then, Ken has embraced privacy and prefers to avoid the public sphere. Thus, while we would like to respect his wishes, Ken appears to have built up a happy existence.

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