According to a Kaspersky study, malware attacks on gamers are increasing

According to a Kaspersky study, malware attacks on gamers are increasing ...

Kaspersky, an antivirus software company, has published a new analysis that shows a substantial rise in malicious software threats against gamers. The report shows a 13% increase in malicious software attacks compared to the first half of 2021.

More than 384,000 users were targeted by Kaspersky between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. These specific attacks attempted to mimic 28 games or series of games. One major threat was game installers. It's quite simple for a hacker to modify an installer to install more than just your game.

The software installed often contains a Trojan that steals your information. The most powerful Trojan-Spies malware observed by Kaspersky is the ability to track keyboard input and take screenshots without being detected. Also noteworthy is the rise in Trojan-PSW (steal credentials), Trojan-Banker (steals payment data), and Trojan-GameThief (steals game account logins).

One explanation for the jump seems to be piracy or third-party downloaders.

In a press release, Kaspersky senior security researcher Anton V. Ivanov said the gaming industry was dramatically increased during the epidemic, despite the fact that it had increased by several times the amount of gaming fans. "Cybercriminals are actively abusing this trend, creating more and more new methods and tools to attack players and steal their credit card data and even game accounts, which can later be sold."

One thing is certain: you don't want to open your bank account and see an unknown charge from the other side of the world. To see the report for yourself, head over to the Kaspersky site here.

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