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How a mess! Giants collapse in 3029 loss to Washington | Joe Judge, Patrick Graham and many others to blame for the latest disaster

How a mess! Giants collapse in 3029 loss to Washington | Joe Judge, Patrick Graham and many others to blame for the latest disaster

LANDOVER, Md. - TERRY, Mr. The Giants were at an emotional crossroads. One of their teams leaders just suffered a gruesome injury. The offensive lineman, Nick Gates, was taken off the field, a captain's season being likely over. At that time, the Giants led the Washington Football team 7-0.

Saquon Barkley, looking like himself, burst upfield a 41-yard gain on the next play. The offensive line floundered. A penalty. A sack. The drive ended with a punt but it would be hard to blame the offense for trying in that moment after the emotional roller coaster they had just been on. After that, how they responded was going to define this game, show if this team had the fight in them to work through their pain. Or they would revert to their usual form and wither in the Washington wind.

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As the third quarter turned to the fourth, they felt like they had it in them. The offense was rolling. The defense was getting stopped. Daniel Jones showed his potential.

The fight faded. The Giants were 0-2, the eighth time in nine years, and at the end of the night, the Giant was 0 and the last time the eight-year-olds have been working in the same way. They lost 3029 to Washington, giving up a 23-17 lead they had held into the early part of the fourth quarter. They could have put the game away, but then Darius Slayton dropped a wide-open pass in the end zone. The Giants never really recovered, even after going ahead by two points with two minutes left.

Washington missed a field goal as time expired.

But the Giants were offsides.

What a mess!

Hope fades. Reality is a reality. The Giants are messy.

Here are the 12 people who blame the mess the Giants have in: the two of them: Then there's the twelve who are responsible for the squat the situation the boys are in.

Patrick Graham

Few people were more popular among Giants fans in 2020 than Giant defensive coordinators. All of that goodwill evaporated on Thursday night.

Graham had a hard night. His play-calling, especially at the end of the first half and late in the fourth quarter, left much to be desired.

The game was lost when the Giants allowed running back J.D. McKissic to get behind linebacker Tae Crowder for a 56-yard gain with less than five minutes left. The damage had already been done in the next play on a ridiculous catch.

The Giants surpassed the goal by two points with a late Graham Gano field goal, but the defense couldnt stop the game with two minutes left.

Graham wasnt bringing much pressure in the first half, and left massive holes in coverage. In back-to-back weeks, a Giants secondary, which was supposed to be among the leagues best, was selected by Teddy Bridgewater in Week 1 and Taylor Heinicke on Thursday night. Heinicke was 33 of 44 for 330 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

The offense wasn't blamed for Thursday night's loss.

The Giants havent been able to say that in a long time.

Joe Judge

The head coach will be in a good mood for Thursday night's game. And he deserves every penny of it. The Giants made too many mental mistakes to count. Even a bad penalty was observed in key moments. The Giants, on defense, had to burn all three of their timeouts on the final possession, one of them because they had 12 players on their field.

Dustin Hopkins missed his field goal attempt, but the Giants were offsides.

The defensive game-plan was a mess. The offense played a serious offense on their final drive. The head coach is blaming his team for the situation.

His team couldn't be more undisciplined on Thursday night.

Judge was gaffed with a challenge flag one week ago and looked like he was unable to take the ball. Now, the Giants have another 0-2 hole to get out of.

Dexter Lawrence & Lawrence

The young Giants defensive tackle was the culprit of the offsides call that ultimately cost the Gians the game. If Lawrence doesnt jump offsides on Hopkins initial field goal miss, this story seems completely different.

Tae Crowder is a boob.

The crowd beat it with a beat. Again, the crowds remember the beat that took place. badly, The McKissic play was presented. Just watch the video.

Darius Slayton was Dayton Slyton.

The Giants receiver caught an impressive deep ball from Daniel Jones for the second straight week, and scored a 33-yard touchdown in the third quarter. The goodwill didn't last long.

Slayton burned a Washington cornerback in the fourth quarter and opened the area on what would have been if he had gotten tacked ten yards in his touchdown pass.

Instead, Slayton dropped the pass in the end zone. The game probably would've ended on that play. The nail in the coffin would've been the nail.

Instead, it killed the Giants.

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Jason Garrett

Even though they are just a matter of time, theyre not able to blame the offense for the time being, so much of the way they do that, its hard to explain the truth. Score points scored from the score. . The Giants scored 29 points and much of the night, Garrett demonstrated his creativity and willingness to take risks that he hadn't shown in his time as offensive coordinator. Daniel Jones has never been better.

And then James Bradberry intercepted Taylor Heinicke with 2:22 left in the fourth quarter. The Giants started their drive on Washingtons 22-yard line. And instead of going for the win, to end Washington's night with a touchdown, they played for batting goal. Two short runs were made for Saquon Barkley and a short pass attempt to Sterling Shepard that fell incomplete.

The Giants aren't a good enough team for allowing the defense to go conservative in such if he wants to.

The offensive line (four starters plus Ben Bredeson) (goals, 4 starter and Ben.

The offensive line was a bad night. It wasnt difficult to lose Nick Gates, but that still doesn t excuse the group for its struggles protecting Jones, and for being penalized in a number of crucial situations.

The Giants allowed four sacks and six QB hits. The biggest culprits were Nate Solder and Billy Price, their new starting center.

Saquon Barkley, Saquion.

The Giants felt Barkley was healthy enough to play 58 snaps. Suppose he's healthy enough to play that much, if a judge does not criticize him for his poor production. The run-blocking may have been poor, but Barkley doesn't just hit holes or break tackles. He ran 41 yards, and only finished with 57 total.

He was mostly a non-threat as he ran with tractors and passers. He should be the player that helped this offense explode.

Instead, he had nothing to do with the Giants offensive success on Thursday night.

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