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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Will Be Exclusive To PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Will Be Exclusive To PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn - one of the main exclusives of the PlayStation 4-will be continued on the next Sony home console, according to the video Games Chronicle portal.

According to the source, the post-apocalyptic story was originally conceived by the Studio Guerrilla Games as a trilogy. But the management of the Japanese Corporation gave the go-ahead to develop a sequel only after the commercial success of the first part.

The return to the world of dinosaur-like robots was supposed to take place in the current generation but plans changed with the launch of the design of the new PlayStation. At the moment, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is planned as an exclusive for the PS5.

There are no details about the plot yet, but it is indicated that the new game may feature a cooperative. It is not clear how it will be implemented yet - it can be included in the campaign or used to create a special mode.

The world of the game, according to preliminary data, will be several times larger than the map from the original.

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