Where is the cast of Polyamory now?

Where is the cast of Polyamory now? ...

'Polyamory: Married & Dating' is a reality show based on Natalia Garcia and has a unique premise. As expected, things aren't always smooth, and open relationships have their share of challenges for the people involved. Additionally, they must face the negative connotations people often associate with such situations.

The show has become well-known for addressing issues that are otherwise unnoticed by the general public. It has all of the dramatic elements that one expects from a reality show, but also some essential ones for viewers to comprehend and consider. The series ran for two seasons before ending in October 2013.

What Has Happened Between Michael and KamalaDevi McClure?

KamalaDevi McClure appears to be enjoying herself. Her previous seven books include 'Don't Drink the Punch,' 'Sacred Sexual Healing,' and many more. They have spent the last 20 years educating others about tantra,'sacred sexuality,' and temple arts.

KamalaDevi is still married to Michael McClure and enjoys traveling with their husband. Devin has recently started 10th grade. She and Jennifer Gold have a son named Tahl Gruer, who have both appeared in the Showtime series and played part in the podcast, who live in San Diego, California.

What Has Happened to Jennifer Gold and Tahl Gruer?

Jennifer "Jen" Gold and Tahl Gruer, who are legally married to each other but are in a polyamorous relationship, are often seen in the company of the McClures, who they appear to have a good connection.

Anthony and Lindsey Kate Cristofani: Where Are They Now?

Anthony Cristofani is a professor and writer at the University of California. He teaches Italian and researches narratives from the prison industrial complex. He is a member of The Sacred Dice as a songwriter and performer while the two were in a relationship with Vanessa Carlisle, forming "The Triad." However, the couple has recently begun traveling around the world.

Where is Vanessa Carlisle today?

Vanessa was engaged to Anthony and Lindsey Kate Cristofani while on 'Polyamory: Married And Dating,' although the relationship did not work out in the long run. She now works as a writer, educator, consultant, and coach. She obtained a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Southern California in January 2021. She is the author of a book titled 'Take Me With You.'

What Has Happened to Leigh Ann, Chris Reilly, and Megan Somerville?

Chirs Reilly and Leigh Ann do not seem to be in a relationship, although Chris seems to be close to Megan Somerville, who was his and Leigh's girlfriend during their time on the sow's second season. The organization provides aspiring martial arts students with private or semi-private lessons, as well as one-on-one training sessions from Chris himself. Meghan herself is an active member of the fashion industry and often shares photos of places she has visited.

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