You must see Like 10 series like I Am a Killer

You must see Like 10 series like I Am a Killer ...

This article will cover ten Netflix series including I Am a Killer, which may contain spoilers.

I Am a Killer is currently available on Netflix, and Season 3 is expected soon. Here is a list of five series similar to the well-known true crime docuseries. We have also discussed other crime series, like I Am a Killer, which investigates killers and their actions and motives.

I Am a Killer is a must-see series.

The Confession Killer

As I Am a Killer investigates the deaths and motives of the murderers on death row, how about someone who confesses but was lying? That's exactly what happened in The Confession Killer. A documentary investigates Henry Lee Lucas' motivation and motivation.

Stories about Death Row

The popular CNN docuseries examines the lives of individuals on death row. Why? Because these are examples that highlight the system of capital punishment.

The First 48

The A&E contemporary classic follows real-life detectives as they must utilize their knowledge and wits to uncover a murder suspect within 48 hours, or the chances of solving the case will diminish dramatically. Armed with confessions and interrogation footage, the police officers investigate the motives and behaviors of the crime.

I Am a Killer: It's a Release!

Yes, we have heard the guilty pleas, but what about the ones who were released? This series examines killers who are paroled, and the consequences of reintegrating themselves into society.

My dad was killed in the latest incident.

I imagine any murderer may look back at their lives and wonder, "What would have happened if" they had not killed someone? Kira Comerford, a film and television critic for Ready Steady Cut, answers the question as the murderer in this film had so many failings around them that resulted in an awful decision. But as the series progresses, we discover more about Anthony Templet's motivation and motive.

The Innocence Files

While I Am a Killer deals with the guilty, this universally acclaimed documentary series from documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus takes you inside the thought processes of innocent people who were found guilty of murder and the reasons for system failures.

Inside the Criminal Mind

Inside the Criminal Mind goes one step further and examines the psychological component that leads to the subjects' behavior and motivations in I Am a Killer.

Life and Death Row

While I Am a Killer tackles all age groups when it comes to being a killer, Life and Death Row tackles young adults aged 19 to 24, who were convicted of murder and what motivated them to commit murder.

The Motivation

The Motive is a documentary about a 14-year-old Jerusalem boy who was convicted of murdering his family in 1986. What makes this documentary so fascinating is the filmmaker's quest for a child killer's motive and attitude when none exists.

On Death Row, there is a murder row.

Another fantastic miniseries by German documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog. Each episode focuses on a murder case where the accused is on death row.

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