Is The Gambler still alive? The Ending Explained in Stargirl Season 3 Episode 1

Is The Gambler still alive? The Ending Explained in Stargirl Season 3 Episode 1 ...

"Frenemies: Chapter One – The Murder," the first episode of Stargirl's new season, introduced the highly anticipated third season murder mystery. It started with a Neil Diamond song, teased a shattered Cosmo, ended with a stunning cliffhanger. Is The Gambler still alive? Or is he? provides a complete recap on this page.

Recap of Season 3 of Stargirl, Episode 1

Courtney and her family are returning to Yellowstone, and Jakeem is delivering newspapers to The Shade's doorstep while Thunderbolt is in tow. Rick has reburied Solomon Grundy, and Beth's parents are doting over their superhero child. Yolanda side-eyes Cindy before the Dragon King's kid assists an old lady. The Gambler returns to his native Blue valley.

Sylvester, who plays Starman, welcomes the Dugans back home, where he has fixed everything, cleaned out the basement, and constructed a display case for Cosmo. He explains how he woke up in his own coffin in the Reader's Digest. He assures Courtney that Cosmo is his to possess.

The Gambler visits Pat, an original JSA member, to let him know that he has also changed his mind in part due to his quest to track down Becky, a daughter he abandoned for adoption a long time ago. But he insists that his desire for change is genuine because his own father left him on a bad path.

The Gambler is advised by The Shade to leave the area before the locals learn what he is really up to. Later, Crusher advises Pat not to accept The Gambler's tactic, adding he was only there for the money. Cindy and Rick reveal that they never approved of her joining the JSA until Cindy formed a quintet.

Stripesy's robot at the Pit Stop makes Sylvester happy, urging him to fly with Cosmo. Pat begins to scold Courtney's workers, but Sylvester interjects to thank Pat for letting him stay.

Sylvester explains why he gave Cosmo a ride while he "returned to life," stating that there was nothing he could do anymore. Court recommends a joint custody arrangement so that he may use the staff while Courtney is at school, only to stand by and watch as Artemis Crock dives into action and No Limits Gang members.

Season 3 Episode 1 of Stargirl Recap Explained

As the episode nears its conclusion, The Gambler checks into his laptop and displays the feeds from a number of hidden cameras throughout the neighborhood, one of which is apparently perched directly outside the Gambler's trailer house. While he ducks outside with a pocket gun in his hand, he is surrounded by Cindy, who declares, "I didn't do it."

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