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The Czech Republic Is The First EU Country To Open Its Borders To Travel Abroad

The Czech Republic Is The First EU Country To Open Its Borders To Travel Abroad

The Czech authorities decided to open the country's borders and remove several other restrictions that were imposed due to the coronavirus. Czech citizens have been allowed to travel abroad since April 24. This was announced at a press conference the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic Vojtech Adam. The country became the first of the EU countries to make such a decision, according to Prague Morning.

According to the announcement, from April 24, the government lifts the ban on free movement. From the same date, residents of the country will be able to travel abroad for recreation. The Minister of health specified that after returning from a trip abroad, the traveler will either have to provide medical confirmation that he does not have a coronavirus, or undergo a two-week quarantine. Since mid-March, Czech residents could only go to work and home, to the pharmacy and for food.

The Minister said that now the authorities have allowed groups of up to 10 people to gather. Since April 27, the government has allowed to restore education in universities, resume the operation of driving schools and shops with an area of up to 2500 square meters. m with a separate entrance, fitness centers, libraries, zoos. The authorities allowed services of up to 15 people. The removal of restrictions will continue in several stages. So, on May 11, it is planned to open shopping centers, museums, hairdressers, and in two weeks – hotels and restaurants.

The decision to extend the emergency regime, introduced from March 12 to April 30, will be made in the coming days, said Vojtech. According to the Minister, this regime should be in effect until all restrictive measures imposed due to the coronavirus are lifted. Since March 16, the Czech authorities have imposed a nationwide quarantine and closed borders, including the entry of foreigners. The first case of coronavirus infection in the Czech Republic was detected by doctors on March 1. Since the beginning of the disease, 195,725 residents of the Republic have passed tests for coronavirus.

According to the Czech Ministry of Health, the country's coronavirus reproduction index fell to 0.74 by April 24. Over the past 24 hours, 163 people have been cured in the country, only six people have become ill, and no deaths have been registered. In total, 7138 people infected with coronavirus in the Czech Republic, 210 of them died and 2152 recovered. Out of 4776 patients with coronavirus, only 400 are treated in hospitals, the rest - at home.

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