Konami Could Announce Remastered Collection, According to Rumors

Konami Could Announce Remastered Collection, According to Rumors ...

Konami is slowly ramping up their game manufacturing, and finally (FINALLY) we might see Metal Gear Solid again.

Konami announced that 35 of their "classic" games would be available on Steam via their Konami shop. Silent Hill and the Metal Gear collection were among the games that were removed from every digital storefront a while ago due to Konami failing to maintain their license for in-game historical footage. Other stores such as Steam and Xbox have yet to discover anything.

According to a Reddit post and several tweets, Metal Gear Solid 1-3 is expected to be remastered for a new generation. Think along the lines of the "HD Collection," where the games are brought to new consoles, with the exception of MGSV and a spin off title we won't even mention (Survive....).

TGS is expected to make an announcement later this month.

The rumors suggest that all of the games will be released standalone and then bundled together as a collection. However, the HD collection does not mention Peace Walker, which we believe is a complete fad.

Konami is also said to be working on complete redesigns of Castlevania, Silent Hill, and MGS3. However, these announcements will most likely not take place at a PlayStation showcase or Game of the Year awards.

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