Everything I Know About Love - Season 1 Episode 5 Unknown Jungles Recap & Review

Everything I Know About Love - Season 1 Episode 5 Unknown Jungles Recap & Review ...

Unknown Jungles

The opening sequence in Episode 5 of Everything I Know About Love is set in the girl's bathroom as they prepare to go to bed in the morning. Everyone is eager to plan their first house party.

Birdy is talking about a meeting she had with Nathan, and the girls mock her for bringing up the new friends she has made in her relationship. Maggie wants to spend some time with Birdy, but she also wants to spend time with Nathan.

Maggie's professional life is improving as well. She's having a fight with her boss, and she invites her to a house party, which she accepts.

Nell tells the girls at home that she is nervous about ending her six-year relationship with Neil. Maggie accepts that she has no intentions to quit, and Amara admits that she does not understand.

Nell and Neil's breakup does not go as smoothly as she had hoped. Neil refuses to break up and is embarrassed by the decision. Birdy wins employee of the month and buys a platter. She tries to keep it to herself, and Maggie refuses to use it in their first home.

Things are going smoothly at the house party, except for Birdy, who is irritated by Maggie's use of her platter and anxious about people being in her room. Amara and Maggie encourage her to relax and have fun.

Birdy says she doesn't want to have fun at the party because she feels it's a waste. Amara responds by saying she doesn't feel the same when she spends time with Nathan and his friends. Maggie feels sorry for her remarks, and she invites her to go and see Nathan.

Maggie goes out to buy more drinks but encounters a few random boys in the street who she invites over. They are narrators and steal some of the girls' possessions.

Nell is disturbed to learn that her work laptop has been stolen and Maggie promises to remedy it. He calls his landlord, who has asked him to waive his rent this month, but he refuses. They accidentally get high together.

While at school, she calls an old hook-up partner and goes to Liverpool to hang out with him. The reality of her financial situation strikes her. She calls Birdy to borrow money for a train ticket. She agrees to pay the money but asks her to consider the consequences of her choices.

The next scene reverts to a flashback of them being in school and Birdy is sorry that her dad missed her concert and failed to pick her up for the weekend. Maggie dresses up as her dad to cheer her up and watch her perform. Birdy believes she is the only person in the world who makes her feel better.

Maggie arrives home after a brief dinner conversation with Birdy and Nathan. Danny and Fran are interested in discovering where she has been and why she is carrying a huge inflatable dildo balloon. The balloon is a treasured item in the living room.

Nathan calls her out for liking drama. He points out that although he wishes not to be involved with their business, Birdy was concerned about her when she refused to answer her calls. Maggie is unsure how to respond so she goes to take a bath.

Afterwards, Birdy goes downstairs and overhears Nathan talking about her. He doesn't understand why Birdy has been putting up with her for 13 years. Birdy replies, "Yeah, she's quite exhausting."

With Nathan forming, the dynamics between Maggie and Birdy have altered. However, I feel that Birdy is neglecting her friendship with Maggie and the other girls.

Maggie keeps making the wrong decisions; she inconveniences herself and her pals. She is impulsive and does not learn from previous mistakes. If Birdy had the courage to speak directly to Maggie, what would you have done differently?

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