Season 1 of Chefs Table: Pizza Review A slice of pie worth every bite

Season 1 of Chefs Table: Pizza Review A slice of pie worth every bite ...

Season 1 of Netflix reality series Chef's Table: Pizza will be released on September 7, 2022.

This is the second addition to the Chef's Table series, Chef's Table: Pizza. Will the pizza be worth the investment? Let's dive in.

Anyone who knows me knows I am the world's largest pizza fan. We try to find the best pizza places in the Nashville region whenever we go out of town. So Chef's Table bringing the pizza side made me happy.

Chris Bianco, the man who has started the pizza revolution in this country, is the first stop. Until Bianco came along and reinvented the wheel.

Ann Kim is my favorite episode of the series because she explains that in America, there isn't much representation of what an Asian-American woman can be. For example, whether or not Asian-American women should be quiet or be a model minority, Kim mentions that she isn't wired like that.

Kim's story was motivating. She tries to incorporate pizza into her culture in order to bring something unique to this country. I loved her tale that pizza wasn't always her first love, but her time in New York made her fall in love with it. She is a certified badass and has added going to her restaurant to my bucket list.

Food is love, and love is food. I don't believe that many things are passed down with love more than food recipes. I've heard from my mother that her family's love for them has extended into generations.

Overall, Chef's Table continues to provide an outstanding insight into the world of chefs and their food. However, I will say, entering the hearts of those who love pizza will open the way for further collaborations in the future.

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