Kogas Deciding Match! Release Date: Kengan Omega Chapter 173

Kogas Deciding Match! Release Date: Kengan Omega Chapter 173 ...

The character Koga has only been introduced to fans for a few days. Yet, as the boy was created, he is soon proving to be a fan favorite. And the good news, Kengan Omega Chapter 173 will focus on this fighter's story and place him in the next round of semi-finals.

Fans can follow Koga's next match in the following narrative. We now know that Saw Paing will compete in the semi-finals. However, the other players around him are still in the dark. It will be interesting to see who will take the position next.

Kengan Omega Chapter 173: What Will Happen Next?

Saw Paing was the ultimate winner in the quarter-finals. Now, there are three more matches till the finals. This time, fans will be able to see Koga in the match. However, we do not know who will be their opponent for him.

Anyone who is battling him would surely feared the man who he is. One more thing that should not be overlooked is the fact that he has been consistently battling in the matches. Thus, his injuries and fatigue will cost him a lot of money in the next match. Kengan Omega Chapter 173 will reveal more more about this boy's fighting career.

Recap of the previous chapter

Kengan Omega Chapter 172's title was "Wonderful." The chapter continues with the continuation of the fight between Cosmo and Saw. Everyone assumed that this would be a stalemate situation. The pause faded, and the series of punches and attacks began again. Saw was in great trouble with the defense.

Saw Paing finished the chapter using the finishing move he had been planning for the end. Now, this player is in the semi-finals.

Kengan Omega Chapter 173: When Will It Be Released?

Fans are looking forward to a lot of twists in the manga's anime, which will be released this week without any break. The manga's final release date is September 1, 2022. Only the official pages of Kodansha will be available. Thus, keep an eye on List23 for all the latest updates!

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