Are you in a control-freak relationship? Here's what you should do

Are you in a control-freak relationship? Here's what you should do ...

The unpleasantness of being a part of a controlling relationship is a major concern for most people. It's common to mistake a partner's controlling behavior for being kind, overprotective, jealous, or old-fashioned. You must be able to distinguish between a bossy partner and someone who wants to talk to you and cares about you throughout the day.

Someone who is willing to listen to you and cares about your well-being all day long will text you often and call you whenever they can. If you are not staying together, they will text you first thing in the morning to spend the day with you if you feel like it or have time for it. They will take the time to chat with you when the day comes to an end. They will be eager to meet you when the day comes to an end.

A control freak partner wants to be there for you always. But rather than wanting to answer you, they will always have a question out of fear and worry. They just want to make sure they still have you. Even when you are out with your family and friends, a considerate partner will offer you some privacy. However, he will interrupt you with his frequent texts and calls, making everyone feel that they aren't as important as his texts and calls.

A controlling partner will always try to disrupt your social gathering by chastisement. They will enrage you when you don't pay them your entire attention, which will most likely result in a fight or disagreement. A loving partner is more likely to express their concerns openly than to do so secretly by displaying rude behavior.

What happens to your other relationships?

Your controlling partner will pick up a fight each time you go for a social gathering with friends or a close family reunion. Only then will you be able to plan your excursions with others.

Aside from meeting with your close ones, you will also have to ensure that your partner is well-occupied the day you scheduled a meeting with them. This is equally devastating as you will no longer be able to spend time with them as much as you used to. In fact, your friends may begin making distance with you on their own. That's simply not a healthy way to live.

Once you have completely fallen in love with them, your true face comes forth, and they realize you can't leave them. Soon, they will become an abusive partner who will not take a second in chastising you. It may be something as minor as how you eat water or something harmful about your career choice. They will be vexing and will not even apologize for it.

Because, naturally, you are in love, so you need to confront your partner about it immediately. If this doesn't help, move out of the situation for that moment; if your partner doesn't understand the issue, it's better to make the bold move and call it quits.

If this sounds horrendous to you, it's always better to get out of it as soon as possible for your mental well-being. Go for a counseling session with your partner. It might be helpful.

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