Issues with Episode 3 of Next Time On The Patient

Issues with Episode 3 of Next Time On The Patient ...

This article is a preview for The Patient's third episode, "Issues," and may contain spoilers for previous episodes.

The Patient is the latest FX series from the makers of the critically acclaimed The Americans. It stars an extremely against-type Steve Carell as Dr. Alan Strauss, a therapist who is captured by one of his patients, Sam (Domnhall Gleeson), a serial murderer who wants Alan's assistance in curing him.

As Alan and Sam get acquainted in the most dangerous of situations, what follows is a taut chamber piece. Will Sam avoid killing again? These are the main questions we’ll be asking in the coming weeks.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Patient get a recap.

Hulu chose to have a two-part premiere with "Intake" and "Alan Learns to Meditate" in order to allow viewers to get the whole story down in one go.

  • We learned Alan is a lonely therapist who has undergone some kind of mysterious recent trauma — he even has weird creepy dreams that tell us so!
  • Sam initially introduces himself to Alan as Gene, a man who never removed his sunglasses and claimed to have been abused by his father. He didn’t take to therapy too well.
  • Nevertheless, Sam obviously saw something in Alan, so he kidnapped him and chained him to a bed in his isolated woodland home. We learned he was a serial murdered nicknamed the John Doe Killer and that he wants Alan’s help to stop killing.
  • At the end of the second episode, Alan managed to get the attention of someone else in Sam’s home.

The Patient episode 3 will be released on June 23.

The film "Issues" is set to be released on Tuesday, September 6.

Where can I find Where to Watch The Patient Online?

The Patient, a Hulu FX production, is only available on the platform and requires a subscription.

"Issues": A sneak peek and predictions

  • Firstly, whose attention did Alan get? I’m going to vote Sam’s mother. I imagine she idolizes her son. Perhaps through her, we’ll learn more about the father Sam discussed as “Gene”?
  • Is there anyone in Alan’s life who might realize he’s missing? He left someone a voicemail in the opening of the first episode — perhaps the third will bring that person into the fold.
  • What were the visions of dead wives and kids about? Presumably he’s hiding some trauma in his recent past. Will the eventual twist be that he, too, has similarly violent compulsions?

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