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Biden Worries That Trump May Postpone The US Presidential Election Due To The Pandemic

Biden Worries That Trump May Postpone The US Presidential Election Due To The Pandemic

Former US Vice President Joseph Biden, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the post of head of state, expressed fears that the white house host Donald Trump may postpone the elections in November, taking advantage of the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Mark my words. I think he [Trump] is going to somehow postpone the election and come up with a reason why the election won't take place. He thinks that this is the only way that will help him win," Biden said at an online meeting with his supporters, as quoted on Thursday by CBS journalist Bo Erickson, who works in the politician's press pool.

In turn, CNN explained that Trump will not be able to decide to postpone the election alone, because for this, according to the law, he will need the approval of the US Congress. At the same time, the American leader himself noted at a briefing at the White House on April 4 that the General elections in the country will be held as planned on November 3, despite the pandemic. He also criticized the option of voting by mail, proposed by the Democrats.

According to Lona Atkinson, a political science professor at the University of New Mexico, the threat of canceling or postponing presidential elections due to the pandemic is completely absent. In an interview with a correspondent in late March, she stressed that she could not "imagine that this would happen." According to her, "elections are part of [American] democracy." In the United States, the Professor recalled, "there was a Civil war, there were world wars, but the [American] legal system does not provide for the abolition of elections." During the American Civil war, presidential elections were held in 1864.

According to Atkinson, the topic of the alleged postponement or even cancellation of the election is deliberately inflated by Trump's political opponents, who accuse him of seeking to stay at the helm of power longer than the prescribed period.

The leadership of the Democratic party in connection with the pandemic decided to postpone the date of the party Congress in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) from July 13 to mid-August. Biden now remains, in fact, the only contender for the presidential nomination. His main rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, announced on April 8 that he would stop campaigning.

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