This week, Netflix has released several new movies

This week, Netflix has released several new movies ...

New Netflix Movies Tuesday, August 27th Ivy + Bean This is a non-linear comedy about a shady relationship between a young couple and a wealthy man who wants to help him escape the city. It's a suspenseful thriller about what happens when the two of them get caught together. The tale starts with a youngster, but the others end up going in the wrong direction. This is a great alternative to the usual Netflix comedy, as it's well-known.

August is going to be a step up from September and fall, if the time comes. Luckily, there will be a lot of new Netflix movies over the next few days and weeks. We have critically acclaimed films, comedy, and more on the streamer.

Let's see what's new on Netflix this week for subscribers everywhere.

The Next 365 Days

This is a Polish film about a love triangle between a young couple and a power-hungry wealthy man who wants to split them. And he has the means to do it. The film is based on the same book as the protagonist and is part of a trilogy by Blanka Lipinska.

The Revenge of Scar: Fullmetal Alchemist

This is a Japanese film that is a followup to Fullmetal Alchemist. Following the Elric brothers, the film appears to follow some of the action highlights and scripting that will interest younger viewers.

John McAfee's Wild World: Running With the Devil

John McAfee was most well-known for putting the McAfee anti-virus software to work on every computer at one point in time. However, after he sold his business to Intel, the billionaire lived a bizarre life, was caught on the run from authorities, and died in a jail cell. This new Netflix documentary chronicles the time leading up to his arrest, as well as many other things.

Were you a bit apprehensive?

A 1974 Spanish-Italian film with the same name is now available on Netflix. It's a funny action flick around a silly premise. But it's possible.


Sofia (Riley Dandy) goes through a pretty epic life crisis when she is fired from her job and discovers her boyfriend cheating all on the same day. She returns home with her mother and there meets a Spanish cook who helps her reset her life and what she wants in the future.

Time for Me

One of Netflix's major new films is a buddy comedy about two men who have gone through very different paths. One has remained a hard-partying thrill seeker while the other a grounded family man. But when they meet for a memorable birthday weekend, all odds are off about what will happen. It seems to have its moments with an ever-increasing sequence of weird things happening.

Adults are incredibly helpful.

This is a Danish film about a couple who are separated when a husband and wife are caught cheating, which turns into a thriller as the two try to plot against one another in a way that might end in death. As it progresses, things get worse and worse for these two, and this one looks like a fairly suspenseful one.

Under Her Control

This Netflix film is a dark Spanish thriller about two women and a somewhat unusual relationship. The former is pregnant and agrees to be a surrogate for the latter. So begins the tale of manipulation and fear all around the two being set apart from the rest of the world and one exerting power over the other.

Operation Flagrant Foul is Untold

Operation Flagrant Foul is a documentary series developed by Netflix. It's about a story that shook the NBA and the betting world. It's about what transpired before, during, and after the scandal.

I Came By Your House

I Came By is about a graffiti artist who targets the elite British upper class. However, in a visit, he discovers a horrifying fact about a well-known man and sparks a chain of events that puts everyone in danger. This looks like a suspenseful thriller about what is hidden behind closed doors.


Tom Cruise as the bad guy (or with white hair) is rarely heard in the film, but Collateral tweaked the script a bit. It's a silly premise, but the two are so talented in their individual roles that it all works.

Fenced In

This Brazilian comedy involves a man (Walter) who realizes that his life has become too much, too busy, and he needs to relax. He moves to the suburbs only to discover that his new neighbors are louder and more obnoxious than anything he had in the city. Think Neighbors but more with all adults rather than just college kids.

If Beale Street Could Talk, How Would You?

Kiki Layne, Stephan James, Regina King, Teyonah Parris, and Brian Tyree Henry star in this critically acclaimed Barry Jenkins film which was released in 2018 and is one of the most popular Netflix movies of the week.

Love in the Villa

Love in the Villa is a romantic comedy that touches on the new age of travel with a woman (Kat Graham) who shows up at her villa only to discover that she has already booked a man. This one will certainly have a certain demographic that is all-out on the cheesy story.

Retribution for Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich plays Alice in the sixth installment of the Resident Evil franchise, which first released in 2012. This movie continues the story from the popular video game franchise as a hero. The fight against the Umbrella Corporation is real and this group of films has always been a moneymaker. Fans of the franchise will want to see this new film on Netflix.

Ages of the Rock

When it first appeared in 2012, Julianna Hough and Diego Boneta were joined by Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Pau Giamatti, Mary J. Blige, Alec Baldwin, and Will Forte. Big dreams were ruined by a corny adaptation that failed to hit the appropriate notes.

The Huntsman and Snow White

This is a twist on the classic tale, featuring Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth as the lead actors. It appeared like the stars were aligning for this new version to be a hit with viewers. It grossed $400 million at the box office, but critics were unsatisfied with this new film on Netflix.

Madison County's Bridges

Clint Eastwood directed and starred in the adaptation of the popular novel The Bridges of Madison County, which won the Academy Award for Best Actress for a story about her encounter with a photographer who was hired to shoot the titular bridges in the titular location.

This is 40 years old.

The Judd Apatow sequel to Knocked Up is a play that changes directions and follows Leslie Mann and Paul Rudds characters as they navigate the world of becoming middle-aged. It's about learning that life now is about jobs and kids and the relative boredom and angst that comes with growing older. Rudd and Mann are back as the kids and although the film is longer for a comedy, there's still plenty of moments with Rudd and Mann particularly bringing the exact feeling of helplessness that

Bean + Ivy is a French term for ice cream.

This Netflix release is inspired by the popular children's books of the same name. It's about two neighbors girls who are complete opposites but come to terms with a friendship because one of them has a bit of magic in her.

There are a slew of new movies on Netflix this month for almost every genre and movie interest. As always, we'll update you with new movies every week to keep you updated.

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