See The Terrifying Robot Legs Built For A Massive Snake

See The Terrifying Robot Legs Built For A Massive Snake ...

The creator of this video has gone too far, making people believe that he was not a snake lover. However, after some time, the snake does enter the tube and the four robot legs move in a manner that resembles a gecko or small lizard. It's funny and frightening, but we're not convinced that a snake would harm us.

When asked whether science has gone too far, most often we see a new robotics company that can mimic human feelings and mannerisms. However, a company has created giant legs for a snake, which is already quite maneuverable.

Allen Pan was apparently mocked online when he released a snake into the wild, causing people to believe he wasn't a snake lover. He decided to test this theory by playing God for a bit. He has chosen to construct a cylindrical device that the snake enters, then the four robot legs are programmed to enable the snake to walk as if it had been born with legs. It's quite terrifying.

The snake enters the tube after some time, and the robot legs change in a way that resembles a gecko or small lizard. It is funny and frightening, but the snake seems to be enjoying the ride. Despite what the creator has said, Pan does drop some interesting information that snakes are meant to have two hind legs, but the cells that determine that do not have two hemipenes.

Snakes were said to have legs dating back 95 million years ago. They mostly resembled those of a Komodo dragon, but they had since reduced their ability to walk for the ability to slither. Back in 2013, a fossil was discovered that showed the first ever discovery of a snake that sported big back legs.

The snake is a fascinating creature, but we are not content that they do not have the ability to walk. If they could walk, they might as well run. We dont want a snake to climb up to us, but imagine a cobra who can run. That would be far too frightening.

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