Michelle Yeoh Was Supposed To Be In Kill Bill?

Michelle Yeoh Was Supposed To Be In Kill Bill? ...

Michelle Yeoh, the filmmaker of The Stunt Woman, was asked why she would not be cast in Tarantino's tenth and presumably final film in the Kill Bill saga. She has been questioned by the media about her previous experiences and says she's very smart.

Michelle Yeoh was a complete Yeoh-stan before most viewers in North America knew who she was; so much so that her dedication for her career convinced her not to retire. Some people may also wonder why she didnt appear in Tarantino's two-part martial arts epic Kill Bill. Yeoh says she has an answer.

Yeoh was asked why she was not selected for the role of Kill Bill in a conversation with Town & Country. Quentin replied, "Who would believe that Uma Thurman could kick your ass?"

Michelle Yeoh may yet have a chance to participate in the Kill Bill saga. Tarantino has been asked on a number of occasions about releasing Kill Bill: Vol. 3, and it doesnt appear to be an idea he dislikes, but Hollywood seems to be a place where the saying never goes away more than anywhere else.

Michelle Yeoh has been open about her obligations to Tarantino, including getting emotional while telling Town & Country how Tarantino convinced her not to quit when she was asked to visit her. With 1997s Tomorrow Never Dies, she became the first African-American film star to win an Oscar.

Michelle Yeohs evolution appears to be no longer slowing down any time soon; rather, she will hopefully reprise her role in a Star Trek: Discovery series based on the franchise's clandestine group Section 31 next year. In this year's terrifying sci-fi drama The Witcher: Blood Origin, she will take part in the long-awaited sequel Avatar: The Way of Water.

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