After being removed in June, Criminal Minds has resumed on Netflix

After being removed in June, Criminal Minds has resumed on Netflix ...

When you like something, set it free, and if it comes back, it's supposed to be. That couldn't be further from the truth. Around two months after Criminal Minds was pulled from Netflix, the show has miraculously returned to the streamer.

The first 12 seasons of the program, which follows a group of FBI profilers as they investigate the psychopathic minds of criminals, were released in June as a result of expired licenses. The program is now available on Netflix, although it was pulled back in June.

Criminal Minds is a worldwide hit, with several spinoffs, including Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and Criminal Minds Korea.Last month, Paramount+ gave the go-ahead for another reboot, which will star key cast members Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler, and Paget Brewster. According to Deadline, production for the 10-episode series will begin this month, although there is yet to be a release

Criminal Minds was at the forefront of cutting-edge scripted drama for 15 seasons, according to Deadline. The program never ceased evolving during its run, and we are beyond excited to bring it back into a new era with new perspectives for a new generation of viewers at Paramount+.

While we await the revival, we can at least enjoy watching Criminal Minds from the comfort of our own Netflix screens once again. What can you say about some great news to kick off the weekend?

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