Surfside Girls on Apple TV+, where two girls discover supernatural happenings in their tiny beach town Stream It Or Skip It

Surfside Girls on Apple TV+, where two girls discover supernatural happenings in their tiny beach to ...

Apple has done a good job of bringing family programming that is both educational and enjoyable for kids. There are many great references and clever jokes to make parents want to run and hide. Their latest offering is a story about two surfing preteens who become involved in a supernatural adventure.


Opening Shot: Two girls run out with their boards into the surf.

The Gist: Sam (YaYa Gosselin) and Jade (Miya Cech) are best friends in Surfside, a small beach town that just happens to be overrun with big waves. Sam gets knocked under, and emerges in a cave. A voice says Help me! and a coin lands on the ground.

Sam is ecstatic, but Jade thinks her friend is being a bit odd. Her father Bob (Jacob Vargas) is busy making spicy burgers at his famous burger joint, while her mother Monica (Catia Ojeda) is trying to persuade individuals to join a committee to preserve Danger Point, a local landmark that is crumbling and threatening to collapse.

The coin keeps moving and giving Sam additional clues, whether it's lighting a flashlight towards a Danger Point poster or sprinkling relish on a different copy of the same poster. Sam is so eager to discover the cavern again, she goes out in dangerous surf to do it.

Jade uses her scientific knowledge to discover that the coin she has is genuine gold, not a replica, as is sold at the museum where her sister Amy (Michelle Mao) works. Sam sees the ghostly but very real teenager Santi (Spencer Hermes-Rebello), dressed like he is sailing on an old Spanish galleon. The girls don't know what's ahead when Santi takes them through the cave wall.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Surfside Girls is a collaborative work between Julie and the Phantoms.

SURFside Girls is a bit old-school and silly, but that's part of its charm. With Jade and Sam, we have two girls who think they're opposites, but they have much more in common than they think, right? Both have an adventurous spirit and they push each other to do things you've never seen from 12-year-olds.

The girls' parents and siblings are depicted as normal people and siblings, rather than idiots who misunderstand their children or get in their way of their adventures. In fact, they allow their daughters to do all sorts of stuff without supervision, trusting them to keep their wits about them. There are someFull House-style inspirational speeches, like when Bob tells Sam that it's okay to be a little strange.

There will be lessons to be learned and minor conflicts, like when Sam doesn't feel like she fits in with Jades sci camp friends, but it feels like the majority of the show will be Jade, Sam, and the ghostly Santi trying to save Danger Point, right?

What Age Group Is This For?:Surfside Girls is a program that will interest children aged 7 and above, especially the adventure parts.

Santi shows the girls the Obsidian Flyer, the world's fastest galleon in all seven seas, in a parting shot.

Jacob Vargas plays Sam's dad Bob with an endearing sarcasm that makes us want to be like him.

The Most Pilot-y Line: Jade tells Amy that she's making frosting, she replies, It's a snack! Anyway, two more spoonfuls and I get my recommended riboflavin filling.

Our Call: STREAM IT.Surfside Girls is a show that preteens and young teens should enjoy, with lots of mystery and supernatural happenings. It's not grating, which is why it should appeal to parents.

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