Kleo, where an East German freelance agent gets revenge as the Berlin Wall falls, is available on Netflix

Kleo, where an East German freelance agent gets revenge as the Berlin Wall falls, is available on Ne ...

Why can't more programs be like the new German series on Netflix? It's a spy revenge thriller, with a skilled protagonist who wants to harm those who did her harm. That's what matters. However, how it gets through this simple premise is what determines whether it works or not.


Opening Shot:THIS IS A TRUE STORY. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED, according to a confusing graphic before the opening shot, an alleyway not far from the Berlin Wall. EAST BERLIN, 1987.

Kleo Straub (Jella Haase) is an undocumented agent for Stasi, East Germanys State Security Agency. Under the supervision of Andi Wolf (Vladimir Burlakov) and the volatile Uwe Mittig (Vincent Redetzki), she enters West Berlin's Big Eden club, where she meets a tainted blow and removes a concealed red suitcase. Another agent grabs a key to a hidden red suitcase.

Sven Petzold, a cop in the police departments fraud division, saw Kleo go out of the bathroom before discovering her target dead on the floor and remembers her from the time she went to the bar and he hit her. She claims to be the culprit, even though she cant be found and the coroner ruled the man to have died of an accidental overdose.

Wolf and Kleo are in a relationship, and theyre both surprised that she is pregnant. A series of events start in her life when her eyewitness sketch from her Stasi boss comes to life on treason charges. She loses her baby in a prison battle.

While she's in prison, things in Berlin are changing; the Wall is falling, and all political prisoners are being released. East Berlin is beginning to change for the worse, in her opinion. Sven, looking through now-imminent GDR political prisoners, discovers Kleos' mugshot and remembers her from the incident at Big Eden.

Kleo reminisces about Soviet-era espionage series like The Americans, combined with revenge series like, well,Revenge.

Kleopro promises to be a stylish and stylish series that will take its lead character from Europe to South America and back again, in search of both the red suitcase and the people who set her up to be sent to prison. The show isn't intended to be anything but a spy thriller with lots of set pieces, inventive methods to murder people, and Haase in various wigs and early-90s fashions.

We did not expect that from Kyleo, mainly because we were given no indication that it would be anything but what it is. Its not about a Stasi spy chasing down people and likely killing them because they sent her away and ruined her hopes of a normal happy existence with Wolf.

Haase is great as Kleo because she can go from being a hardened killer to overjoyed over her pregnancy to angry about being taken away even though she is innocent. Itll be fun to watch her maneuver around in various disguises to meet the people she is after, and itll also be fun to investigate how the contents of the red suitcase play into it.

Schaad is also a pleasure to watch as Sven, mainly because he thinks he's in with the ladies despite the fact that he has a family to bring home. But once he realizes that the woman he saw at the club in 1987 wasnt a mirage, his pursuit of Kleo will be a major conflict throughout the entire first season. Even if they combine forces at some point, it should make for a funny comedy.

Wolf and Kleo are seen pre- and post-coitus, but both are strategically disguised.

The suitcase is exchanged on a bridge in Chile. Kleo is out and in jeopardy, the man handing it over says, as well as the recipient. Make sure she does not get her hands on it.

Vincent Redetzki will play Uwe, who seems to rage against anyone who doubts him, including a cop who knocked on the vehicle they were in when they were waiting for Kleo.

Kleo goes back to her old apartment to retrieve her pistol and notices the slovenly Thilo (Julius Feldmeier), a squatter from the West. She holds the pistol to his head and all he can say is A friend of mine poked a hole in his forehead with a pedal drill, like a third eye.

STREAM IT.Kleoisnt isn't trying to be anything more than a fast-paced spy thriller, but it certainly has the attributes of a decent one.

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